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  • BookReader - Recommended read!

    Tempted is a standalone romance by favorites Lauren Landish and Willow Winters. Deep in school debt, Elizabeth comes home to attend her step-father’s funeral only to learn her father had changed his will and left everything to bad boy Liam Axton, who just happens to live next door. Devastated, Lizzie lashes out to Liam not understanding how her father could have done this or how she could be so attracted to Liam. Sparks fly between the two and they can’t ignore the attraction between them. Liam’s job and lifestyle get between them putting Lizzie in danger.

  • Ingrid - Great Value for a Beginner!

    Ha-ha! I can't contain myself to give a review. I have subscribed to Shane's newsletter since he started the PC website. Shane is an outspoken people's advocate and is saving their health from the claws of allopathic toxic drugs and showing them a way to weight loss and better health. True, he sells his own supplements (which are excellent, by the way, pure and effective, but the book is for people who cannot afford them and these are suggestions of how to improve one's health for spending very little money.

  • JIM DAVIS - Love the program

    I have nothing but good things to say about this program. I would recommend it to everyone. The various options are great.

  • Laurey Holland - this works better than the many products I have tried over the ...

    I received 2 free samples of the livrelief. I used it for my lower back pain and when I opened the packet, I could tell it was not an over powering odor. I applied it to my back and right away I felt the warmth of the product. within an hour I had no more pain in my lower back. this works better than the many products I have tried over the years. It is not greasy, works great and has a nice odor to it.. I will be going to the store and stocking up on the livrelief.. very good product.

  • Gregory H. Schultz - Gold Bond Ultimate Healing - Outstanding!

    Great lotion at an outstanding value. I prefer it over any and all lotions I have used in the past, and that includes a great many names of both popular and "healing" varieties. It is not unscented, but has a subtle and pleasing aroma, is thicker than many lotions but seems to be absorbed more effectively by the skin. I have used everything from home-remedy to high-end boutique products and find this suits me better than any of them. I highly recommend this Gold Bond Healing Skin Therapy Lotion for both general purpose and problem skin areas.

  • susanm - Too HIGH!!!

    I purchased this from nordstrom for my Cruz stroller when my daughter was less than 1 years old and the snack tray is seriously literally WAY TOO HIGH...it looks ridiculous! I initially thought we assembled it wrong. We assembled it after we purchased it and even the sales lady said it looks like it's assembled wrong, but it was actually assembled correctly!...My daughter looked like she was drowning in her stroller with this snack tray. I want to say it was literally to the height of her shoulders....She had to reach high above to get her snacks....Very disappointed! Aside from that it is a great snack tray though....