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  • Kimbergidget - like "formulation", and the same type of poor English

    I have not used this product yet, but please look at all the most recent ratings. They are all from June 2015, they are all 5-star, and they all use the same types of phrases, like "formulation", and the same type of poor English. They are obviously fake ratings to compensate for all the bad ratings this product has received. I don't know if this product works or not but it ANGERS me that someone is faking the reviews and trying to dupe the public.

  • M.T. - I couldn't be happier. My breakouts have become very very minimal

    I stopped all my other skin care routines ( Proactive, Epionce) and started using this scrub and coconut oil only! It was a risk, but I was tired of overpriced products and breaking out. I couldn't be happier. My breakouts have become very very minimal. I have a break-out prone T-zone and Keratosis Pilaris on my cheeks and neck. I realize the idea of rubbing coconut oil on your face sounds insane, but between this Murad scrub and the coconut, my skin feels great. Having spend hundreds of dollars on other skin care products, this stuff is worth a shot. Just don't forget the coconut oil since in my experience, it's a bit drying (most likely due to my Keratosis).

  • LOLA - I felt horrible on it the entire time

    I only lost 4 pounds despite sticking with for the 10 days!! I felt horrible on it the entire time. Would not do it again.... not sure why I didn't lose more as all I ate was fruit and 3 protein shakes...a day---And it is very hard...for that kinda effort I expected great results.

  • Kage - Great TV

    The largest negative review I saw related to this TV (outside of DoA, which happens with all electronics) was that people did not like the remote. I found the remote just fine to be honest. It much different than remotes of the past with hundreds of buttons. This one takes a simplistic approach, similar to what you might find for Apple TV. Just fine by my standards.

  • Design Critic - Not in original packaging.

    I've used Kirkland Minoxidil, and it's a fine product, pretty much equal to Rogaine. Bought at Costco, it comes sealed in a box, though there is no tamper resistant band on the individual bottles inside. Purchased from this seller however, there is neither the box NOR a security band. This is not necessarily a problem and I'm not accusing anyone of anything, but the reason for these measures is to protect the consumer from diluted or tampered-with products and I feel better with those measures in place. The tradeoff is that this supplier has a low price achieved by buying in bulk and reselling without the consumer packaging.

  • Lynn Luna - Works!

    Been getting bladder infections every few months for about a year so got on line and did some research. So glad I found these. As son as I feel an infection coming on I start on these and have not had to go back to the Dr or take antibiotics since.