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  • Tishira - Great stuff but some need to beware.....

    I have been using this product and from the start it works and completely neutralizes bad breath instantly. I was looking for something to use to freshen horrible breath from Atkins diet and it is great combating that dilemma. However, the toothpaste and mouthwash are not to be rinsed out with water afterwards and for me that posed some problems. It made my mouth dry and white on the outside so to alleviate that I rinsed the outside of my mouth with warm water and put on a moisturizing lip balm. Also, gargling with the mouthwash made for a terrible sore throat so I stopped gargling and just rinsed out the inside of my mouth with the mouthwash. To reach the back of my throat I use the therabreath sinus drops and those do not create any problems with a sore throat. Hope this helps someone with those issues....

  • Amazon Customer - Very Good

    Well researched. Very informative. Not very joyful. Not worth the price. A history of this famous couple. Somewhat sad to read.

  • Jennifer Colsrud - Love lucy evem more

    This book was well written! I definitely recommend this book to a Lucy fan. I learned old and new things. Im proud to say Lucille ball is from my state new York.

  • Amanda K. Fletcher - Oh My Goodness! I Love This Thing!

    I have been fighting hair since I was 9 years old. It has always been jet black and extremely thick. Even before I was allowed to shave it was think like a man's beard. Then once I could start shaving, at about 11 years old cos my grandma felt bad for me since I was picked on so badly about it, it has only gotten worse! I have 2-4 hairs per follicle now! I am now 32 years old and don't have to hide my legs or underarms anymore. I have not shave in a month, and this is only after 4 treatments! I used to have to shave twice a day if I wanted to stay smooth, but never could do that unless I was on vacation with no actual commitments.