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  • Daniel Sipes - Eccellent way to begin as a ham

    I studied for 2 weeks prior to the exam... I'm quite sure this was the difference between pass/fail. I did pass. I would recommend anyone who wishes to become a ham to buy it. It's worth a great deal more than I paid for it.

  • Daniella Karimzadeh - this trekking and hiking pole walking stick is great for anyone of any age who loves the outdoors ...

    this trekking and hiking pole walking stick is great for anyone of any age who loves the outdoors and hiking. i gave it to my brother, who actually used it last week on a short hike. he does not have any problems on hikes, but this walking stick surely makes the hike much easier! on summer trips when my brother goes away, he sometimes hikes twice a day, and it can get very tiring. this hiking stick will surely help him out! and really gives you a bit of balance!!! great and durable material!! i love it!!!!! i would highly highly recommend it to everyone!!

  • Divita's Mom - Great on my subscribe and save list.

    Works better than the average hair remover and it doesn't burn at all. It was priced much more reasonably through Amazon than at the drug store so I thought it couldn't hurt to give it a try and I'm so glad I did. It's brilliant and it's now on my subscribe and save list.

  • Jackson - easy and looks great

    This light is very easy to install, and looks great. It basically replaces the existing tail light and all the cables are the exact same as the OEM parts, so it's easy to remove/install. If you've never removed fairings before, you can do the job in less than 2 hours going very slowly. If you're familiar with fairing removal, it can easily be done in 30 minutes or less.

  • katbrio - Great for women

    It's perfect. I have it in the bathroom with a marker to track how the moon affects me. All women should try this.