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  • schmedrake - Really works for me!

    When I first got this machine (well over a year ago now) I was hesitant. First, it's pricey. Second, it seems to be one of those products where they pay people to give it good reviews. I mean there are some highly promotional sites on the internet you can go and read about this thing and to hear the stories they tell, you'd think this thing massaged you, gave you a kiss on the cheek, then made you chicken soup. But here's the thing, it well earns its five star rating from me. And I am not a paid spokesperson...haha. Instead, I'm someone who tends to let my lower back pain build over days and weeks until I'm practically crippled by it. I'm not like a lot of the people reviewing here. I've never been to a doctor about my lower back and I'm sure my issue is just that I sleep on the wrong kind of bed and do the wrong kind of activities for someone prone to lower back pain. But the upside of that is that all I need is a session or two on my Back2Life and I'm good as new! For that reason alone, it's worth the cost. When you consider that this equates to the price of two massages with a massage therapist, you will find yourself getting return after return on investment with this product.

  • Orweller Family - Helpful sleep aid. Non habit forming.

    Helps me get to sleep and wake up less. I can still wake up if the baby cries or the alarm goes off. Note that 48 count pills = 24 servings.

  • Artie Martello - Love this

    I was wary at first, but after trying this it worked wonderfully. The printed instructions that are sent with the pen needs some revisions as the images are mislabeled, but the web site has very instructional videos that will walk you step by step through the process of doing this which is quite simple. Tech help is very quick and comprehensive. Terrific considering the price.

  • John - You Don't Have to be an Engineer

    In this book, Goldratt clearly explains the Theory of Constraints in exciting, novel form. The story uses real life examples to explain technical concepts like demand elasticity, independent statistical events, and production bottlenecks. Not only can the reader grasp these without having to learn math, but the book is actually fun to read. From playing hooky at work to eat pizza and drink beer, to coming home drunk with a coworker, to his wife leaving the main character, the book is thoroughly engrossing. I purchased the Kindle version for ease of access, and find myself whipping out my phone whenever I have downtime. Highly recommended.

  • Sandy K. - Great Argan oil for your face!

    This is one of my favorite Argan oils. I have used many from many different companies, but this one I will buy again. I use this one almost exclusively on my face. It does not have a yummy scent but it doesn't stink either. The scent is very mild and after a couple of uses I didn't even notice it anymore. It is light and absorbs into my skin beautifully.

  • Mason M. Colbert - Good Value for the Money

    I purchased my Sole E25 almost 4 years ago and it is still working perfectly. When I started using this machine I weighed 227 lbs (I now weigh about 200 lbs) so it has taken some punishment. I use it mainly during the winter months, when the weather is better I usually like to get outside and power walk or jog.

  • S.Giannotti - A Good Habit to Have

    Not sure how I could have waited so long to own my first John Hiatt Cds, but now that I own two I realize I waited FAR too long. I've been missing out on some great music. Great, not just good, American songwriter! I now have the John Hiatt habit in a good way. Need more...