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  • City Computer - Outstanding Value and Quality Display

    This is by far the nicest desktop monitor I have owned. Everything about it is high quality, especially given the price. It's not truly "bezel-less" but as far as quality of image and quality of design it's excellent.

  • AllyB - Great Value

    These are such a great value and have a great assortment of vitamins, i am hoping it improves my hair!

  • gypsygirl - Great Product & Value

    This shampoo is saving my hair!! I am naturally medium-dark brown and my hair gets dyed blond for work (every month). It looks great when I come out of the salon.. but after a week reddish tones come out and I look quite gingery by the end of the month. I started using this shampoo & conditioner.. and WOW. What a difference it makes. I wash my hair twice a week with it. It lathers really well, and the conditioner is thick and creamy. Everyone I work with has commented on how great my hair color is now... and have I been getting them to do something different at my monthly appointments! Nope.. only started using this shampoo & conditioner. Really well priced too!