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  • Thomas Hardison - Great Amp for the Price

    I've had the amp for about two weeks now, and it has been absolutely fantastic. It's rated at 1200 watts max at 1 ohm, and I have it pushing an Alpine SWR-1223d, so I assume the amp is putting out between 600 and 800 watts RMS based on the sub's performance. It gets hot with continuous playing of bass-heavy music at high levels, but it has yet to shut off on me. For the price, I'd say the amp has definitely proven itself and has outperformed most amps within its price range. I would surely recommend it.

  • Beth - Saw results in less than a week

    I've always wanted to try the Roc products, but the price always deterred me (even though it's not an absurd amount of money compared to other products, for someone in the bottum 99% it's a good hunk of change). Plus, for years I've heard "don't waste your $$$ on that expensive stuff, the cheap stuff works just as good!"

  • Chris - Terrible Experience with Kaspersky 2015

    I bought and installed Kaspersky 2015 Anti-Virus. My computer then kept locking up intermittently. But there was no obvious indication initially connecting this to Kaspersky. Some days not at all, some days the computer froze every hour. The CPU chip would go to 100% and stay at that level. The only choice was to reboot and sometimes that fixed the problem. I paid a computer shop to clean and scrub the computer. Turns out that Kaspersky Anti-Virus 2015 was causing the problem. I wrote Kaspersky Customer service and they wrote back saying this was a known bug and a fix was coming out mid-May. They wrote that to me on May 15th. Yet they advised me to uninstall the product and install their 2014 version. They sent me a link to do this old program install. That did fix the problem, but I spent weeks of aggrevation and money unnecessarily since they never notified me as a registered owner of a KNOWN problem with their software when they were aware of it. They should have notified customers when they became aware of this problem. Now they tell me the fix is not until mid-June. My computer is an HP Laptop running Windows 7 with an Intel medium speed chip. So a standard type system. I will not renew my subscription next year.

  • tmexrea - Just OK

    Seems OK. I've only used a few of the sockets, and all is ok so far. A few niggling things that would have made my review more positive: The sockets are just laying in a trough, nothing holding them there. If (when) I bump this little box off the fender, they're gonna go everywhere. And a driver to put these in my drill chuck would have been a nice touch.

  • Arlene - Great short story compilation

    This compilation contains some of the most powerful short stories I have read - Into Silence, by Marlin Barton, Delicate Edible Birds, by Lauren Groff, and Least Resistance, by Wayne Harrison. I'm only half-way through, so there are probably several more gems in this one.

  • john charles webb - Say "Goodby" to the Tooth Fairy!

    As far as "Water Piks" go this model is pretty snazzy and seems to work quite well. It comes with 8 attachments:

  • Kimberly Guysick - Livwelier Ultra Strength natural pain relief

    I received a sample from pincme.com. it was a small sample which was fairly easy to open. I was relieved that it didn't have an odor and applied easily. I used the sample on my neck. I did not find the product adequate for my needs but as a note; I use a prescription topical anti-inflammatory. I gave my other sample to another to try and he felt some relief from shoulder pain and did not have any skin irritation from the cream. I would recommend this for your occasional or minor aches and pains after you have used alternating ice and heat whenever possible. It would be an asset in your first aide kit. It is worth purchasing. Thank You for allowing me to try this sample.