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Acupuncture Boston - HolliBalance Well-being Center - Acupuncture Boston - HolliBalance Well-being Center is a premier Boston Acupuncture Treatment Clinic for the most classic Chinese Acupuncture by Dr Yi Song, a renowned Chinese Acupuncturist treating Infertility, Weight Loss, Pain Conditions, Injuries, Post Stroke, Stress, Hypertension, etc.

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  • http://www.yourhealthandlongevity.com/faq.htm Does Acupuncture Work? HolliBalance Well-being Center, Boston - Learn more about the benefits of acupuncture & traditional Chinese medicine. Dr. Yi Song is uniquely qualified to answer common questions about eastern medicine.
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  • http://www.yourhealthandlongevity.com/contact.htm Contact HolliBalance Well-being Center, Boston Acupuncture Clinic - 617-344-1441, 60 State Street, Suite 700, Boston MA 02109 in the Financial District next to Faneuil Hall. Receptionists available 24/7. Discounted parking.
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  • http://www.yourhealthandlongevity.com/thermal-imaging.htm Thermal Imaging - Boston Acupuncture & Chinese Medicine Clinic - Treatment to correct posture may include acupuncture, Chinese massage, microcurrent point stimulation, cupping, gua sha, kinesiology taping, or exercise.
  • http://www.yourhealthandlongevity.com/traditional-chinese-acupuncture.htm Acupuncture Boston - Dr. Yi Song, HolliBalance Well-being Center - What is acupuncture? What are the benefits of acupuncture? What conditions can we treat? Does acupuncture hurt? What should you expect at your first treatment?
  • http://www.yourhealthandlongevity.com/chinese-herbal-medicine.htm Chinese Herbal Medicine Boston - We are one of few places in the US that meticulously prepares custom herbal formulas & liquid extracts according to classic procedures to ensure optimized potency.
  • http://www.yourhealthandlongevity.com/acupressure-chinese-massage.htm Acupressure & Chinese Massage, Techniques & Benefits - Boston Clinic - Release muscle knots from long-term contraction. Qi improves circulation. Effective for chronic conditions in the back, neck, shoulder, foot & for prevention
  • http://www.yourhealthandlongevity.com/acupuncture-infertility.htm Acupuncture for Fertility & In Vitro Fertilization (IVF) - Boston, MA - Chinese medicine can improve circulation and prepare the body for conception; studies show acupuncture can increase the success rate for IVF by 230%
  • http://www.yourhealthandlongevity.com/cases-testimonials/weight-loss-cravings.htm Acupuncture for Weight Loss - HolliBalance Well-being Center, Boston - Acupuncture & Chinese herbal medicine are effective for treating the food cravings that make it difficult to lose weight. Our approach is customized for each patient.
  • http://www.yourhealthandlongevity.com/cases-testimonials/neurological-meniere-disease.htm Acupuncture for Meniere's Disease - HolliBalance, Boston - Dr. Hu's acupuncture protocol & Dr. Song's custom herbal drink resulted in dramatic reduction of symptoms from meniere's disease
  • http://www.yourhealthandlongevity.com/cases-testimonials/skin-disorder-psoriasis.htm Acupuncture for Psoriasis in Boston - Acupuncture in Boston & Chinese Natural Therapy for treatment of Weight Loss, Heart Stroke, Injury, Impotence, Pregnancy, Stress,infertility, Facial Rejuvenation through Chinese Herbal medicine & ailments like Acne,
  • http://www.yourhealthandlongevity.com/cases-testimonials/back-pain.htm Acupuncture for Back Pain in Boston - Acupuncture in Boston & Chinese Natural Therapy for treatment of Weight Loss, Heart Stroke, Injury, Impotence, Pregnancy, Stress,infertility, Facial Rejuvenation through Chinese Herbal medicine & ailments like Acne, Eczema

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  • Bitzy - Very impressive!

    The only reason to not give it 5 stars is I feel is a little pricey, other than that...amazing! Works on keeping your nail polish from tipping over. Such a simple idea and such a GREAT product!!! This would make a great gift for the nail polish lover in your life!!!

  • Walter Hylenski - Warranty issues.

    Bought this and in less than 3 months it will not keep hot liquids hot for more than 20 minutes. Contact RTIC for help (given it says 90 day warranty) they said I needed to contact Amazon which only covers for 30 days. So buyer beware!

  • Shannon Ealy - Works as advertised

    Bought this cooler for industrial applications at work. We used it to cool down chemical compounds for titration purposes. The advertisement says it will take a room temp soda down to 40-50 degrees in a minute. Well, it does better than that! It takes our 6 oz. sample from about 120-150 degrees to 38 degrees in a minute! I don't think you should use chipped ice in it, because it tends to clog the pump. It does "sweat" out the bottom, but we are constantly using it 24 hrs. a day, 7 days a week. Been going strong for approx. 3 months now. For the homeowner/wine connoissuer this is a blessing to chill your wines, beer, sodas, or any other beverage of choice.

  • rfeconomics - Worked for me

    I have read some of the more critical reviews here and I agree it isn't intensive in practicing under exam like conditions. There is a lot of practice in the form of drills, that intend for you to work on the building blocks of what you would do in an actual question. This gets a little exasperating at times. You want to actually practice and it goes on and on with that sort of thing. Nevertheless, for people like me who can't afford an LSAT class, this book is an excellent introduction. The books does say clearly that it only includes one practice test and that you should purchase more official LSAT practice tests once your done.

  • Daniel H. McKinley - Bicycle Helmet Cam

    While this video camera is a generation old from Tachyon the quality of the video is exactly as needed to record a bicycle ride. The size and mounting options are excellent and while you can notice the weight on your helmet it is not cumbersome. However, the downside is the battery life. I have been unable to find Energizer Ultimate Lithium batteries locally and financially I cannot justify spending $10 a day for disposable batteries. I attempted to buy and use rechargeable AAA batteries but the longest amount of time I can record is 20 minutes. Unfortunately most of my bike rides are at least an hour in length and many rides stretch beyond 2 hours. It was my hope to document my rides in the event I experienced another accident but the battery life issue has turned this camera into a paperweight on the desk.