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  • servant_sears - some of the earlier candles were better, the pin up isn't timeless and the sex ...

    some of the earlier candles were better, the pin up isn't timeless and the sex is amped up, but it did fit in with this season on tv.

  • Robert Lance Broussard - Complete waste of money!

    I purchased a competitor's product for my son as a gift. He found it to not be strong enough I it's pulsating action. I did additional research and thought the Thumper would be better. Very, very dissatisfied with the Thumper. We spent about $40 on the first unit, then about $200 on the Thumper. Thumper performs no better in any way to the first massager. Feel completely taken advantage of, and am not satisfied in any respect with the Thumper.

  • Kay Bennett - The difference is Day & Night

    I really love all of Mary Kay's products, but the day solution in the Timewise Set leaves the skin on my face feeling a certain way. I am not sure if you are supposed to apply it and then moisturize, but I was under the impression that these are moisturizers. On the other hand, the nighttime solution is perfect for my skin, it does give me a little more moisture than the daytime solution, but I still have to use a little but of the gel moisturizer from Mary Kay - which by the way is perfection - in order to achieve the look and feel that I want. I would recommend this to the mature woman with discriminating taste.

  • Lisa Ledoux - Love the collapsible aspect of this pet carrier

    I received this today. Love the collapsible aspect of this pet carrier. Easy to assemble and take apart. Just a matter of zipping and unzipping the top and the bottom. Sides fold in on each other. Then zips together flat. I like the removable padded bed inside. Just throw in washer and dryer when necessary. This will work well for transporting my cats. It will work for a small dog as well.

  • Kaylee Spears - Best hair repair on a budget.

    Loved this product but it became to expensive at my friends salon. Amazon offers a far better price. Product smells identical and the consistency is the same, so I'm not too terribly concerned that it's not the actual formula. It's silky smooth, and leaves my hair smelling and feeling fantastic.


    This product was sent to me in a plastic envelope with just three UNSEALED loose bottles. You can only assume that the contents of these bottles really contain 5% minoxidil. You actually have no idea what you are putting on your scalp. If the bottles come from Costco unsealed, then you should receive them in a box that is sealed. No product information or applicator was included so there is no way for me to even apply the mystery contents. Please also note that it is not returnable. This was a very BAD and REGRETTABLE purchase for me.

  • A. Gant - It works, but buy cheaper on hairfinity website:)

    I've been taking this for 3 years. No acne, no hair growing in places it shouldn't, and I have twice as much hair on my head. It's fuller and healthier hands down. I use to just take biotin and it worked 40% of what this does. I took the max dose of Biotin and it still didn't touch what hairfinity does. If I miss a day when I just took biotin, my hair would break off horribly in just 3 days. If I miss days of hairfinity, it gets a little dry but no breakage. I'll keep taking this vitamin packed pill and enjoy great health and great hair. My hair has not been this healthy since I was a child and I'm 42. I can go from relaxed hair to natural hair without all the stupid breakage. I'd recommend it in a heartbeat. I use tresseme keratin shampoo and conditioner products and a little olive oil for shine. It's so easy to love this thick hair of mine when it's growing instead of breaking.