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Vethical Pet Medication and Products from VCA Animal Hospitals - Keep your pet healthy and disease free with Vethical medication and pet products from VCA Animal Hospitals. Learn about our products and how we can help your pet today.

  • http://www.vethical.com/about-vethical.html About Vethical - VCA Animal Hospital's Pet Medication and Products - Vethical pet medication and products is the exclusive label of VCA Animal Hospitals designed by vets for vets, Learn more about Vethical and your pet medication today.
  • http://www.vethical.com/dogs.html Vethical for Dogs - Pet Medication from VCA Animal Hospitals - Vethical medications treat common parasites in your dog. Learn how Vethical dog medication can treat and prevent worm's flea's and ticks in your pet. Find out more.
  • http://www.vethical.com/cats.html Vethical for Cats - Pet Medication from VCA Animal Hospitals - Vethical medication helps treat parasites that affect your cat caused by flea's, tick's & mosquitoes. Learn how Vethical cat products can keep your pet healthy today.
  • http://www.vethical.com/de-wormers.html Deworming Dog's - Vethical Heartworm Medication from VCA - Deworming your dog is easier than ever and can relieve them of pain and discomfort. Learn more about Vethical Heartworm Medication from VCA Animal Hospital.
  • http://www.vethical.com/flea-tick.html VCA Vethical - Top Quality Veterinary Treatment for Fleas & Ticks - Vethical offers the necessary medication to you keep your pet free of harmful parasites. Learn more how we can help.
  • http://www.vethical.com/skin-care.html Vethical for Skin - Pet Medication from VCA Animal Hospitals - Our Vethical Skin Care is an exclusive line of treatments formulated by our dermatologists based on the different pets’ skin conditions met in veterinary medicine.
  • http://www.vethical.com/rovera.html Vethical Rovera® for Dogs, Chewable Tablets or Caplets VCA Animal Hospitals - Your veterinarian may prescribe Rovera to relieve the pain and inflammation associated with arthritis, or to help control pain after surgeries.
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  • Trowedesiguys - Good, but not perfect

    This thermometer is a good buy. Showed the temperature pretty accurately. In terms of consistency, I would rate it 3.5/5, as there were inconsistencies on consecutive tests. However, I like the fact that was easy and quick to handle, especially with a cranky kid.

  • LLlegs - So far, so good Day 3. UPDATE Day 11 in review

    I bought these because I was looking for something to simply curb appetite. Not interested in any magic pill because I eat healthy 80% of the time & workout 3-5 days a weeks. My biggest problem is snacking, especially at night. I decided to continue my success in staying lean I needed something to feel full. I am 5'9 & weigh 174. Im interested in losing 10-15 lbs in combo with excercise & diet. So far, it has curbed my appetite, normally by 10 am I am starving! And by 10pm too. And I havent been since I started this. I took 2 pills, because with 1, I started feeling my hunger pains kick in. I do eat, but willpower can get low sometimes for the wrong foods. Also ordered 'belly blaster' You take at night, has melantonin in it. Will update in 3 weeks. UPDATE 9/14/15 (originally started pills 9/3). So, after 2 weeks of taking these, I have not lost a lot of weight, I am eating well and working out. About 4 lbs tops. The problems for me with these pills is that, yes, you do get full, however, I feel and look full too! The point is that I don't want to look bloated. It stops me from eating too much of the wrong foods but I might as well if I'm going to look and feel bloated. Moving on the garcinia cambodgia 750mg. Purchased on amazon as well for 19.99. Good luck to anyone out there trying to eat right & exercise instead of getting plastic surgery.

  • captainfluffybear - Awesome wallet phone case

    Awesome wallet phone case. It holds multiple cards while storing it safely. I was afraid that the magnet would let loose and my cards would fall out. But that never happens. I love this phone case. It's also great to use as a phone stand while watching videos.awesome idea.

  • Gaming.Fit - Another great update with online play and some unique features for Wii U

    I've reviewed every Just Dance game since the original in 2009. While I've given the spin-offs and rip-offs less-than-stellar reviews, the main games in the series (Just Dance and Just Dance 2, 3, and 4) have always gotten 5 out of 5 stars from me. While the basic mechanics of the game have been the same since the beginning, Ubisoft has done a great job of improving accuracy and adding to the feature set in each new version.

  • Kristen McLemore - Awesome Blue Tooth Headphones!

    My husband just raves over these headphones. He uses them everyday in the car. After trying all of the speaker type blue tooth options available and being highly disappointed, we thought we would try headphones. The sound quality is great on both the headphones and the calls are clear to the person you are speaking to. The battery life on these headphones is great too!