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  • John J - Works good, but wish for a slightly more

    I've only had The Flex Belt for about 2 or 3 weeks now and I'm digging it. I had been pondering getting something like this as I am a bit out of commission with a lot of core exercises due to a flair up of a chronic neck pain that I have been living with for many years now. So doing a quite a few of those exercises are out. This gives me something, at least. For an electric muscle stimulation gadget, it works quite well but doesn't have that feeling as if I'm being poked in the gut with a cattle prod, like the AbTronic did back in the day. Since my core is already pretty strong from the workouts that I am able to do, I can probably stand for a higher level of intensity, but do understand that there must be limits for safety. To compensate for this, I will go through all 10 cycles within my session of use for the day. I also wish that the movement from 0 to 150 would go a bit faster because I lack patience. But that is my problem, not the belts.

  • Noah Burt - Very fun retelling of the Jurassic Park film series with LEGO and Traveler's Tale's signature fun gameplay

    The streak of very fun LEGO adaptations continues with LEGO Jurassic World. My seven-year-old daughter and I love exploring the islands and finding and playing with all of the dinosaurs.

  • Neatly Crafted - AMAZING 3 IN 1 CASE

    i always wanted a wallet phone case but i never liked how big it would make my phone. Plus its extra heavy. i guess i was wrong, because i love this wallet case. it easy holds 4 credit cards and 1 ID card. the case itself protects my phone really good. it feels snug to my phone. AND THE FLIP HOLDER!! amazing. prolly the most favorite part about this case. i was a lot of shows at work and i usually hold it up against something, but i no longer need to do it with this case. easy to angel to watch movies or shows.

  • Sabster - Junk

    I had never been to Ikea before, but have friends and family who swear by their beds. So, I took a chance on this one, having liked it in the store.

  • Jae1 - Cheap but useful

    I had my doubts with this product and the long term durability is still in question but the ease of use and functionality of these space saver bags appears to be good. I didn't have any issues during any step of the process in placing clothing and blankets in the bags I used. My only gripe is that there are not enough smaller bags but that is just a personal preference for my given storage needs.

  • R.K. - A decent monitor for a decent price.

    This monitor is OK, though I think that 1080 is a bit too low of a resolution for a 27" monitor... I wish I'd gone with a 1440 monitor at this size.

  • Noah MacIver - This TV is awesome! I got this model for $270 after taxes ...

    This TV is awesome! I got this model for $270 after taxes on this past black Friday sale at Walmart, and it is just a spectacular TV. I have used it for gaming on my PS4 and Xbox 360 along side used as a second monitor for gaming off my laptop and it looks amazing. The game picture mode is my favorite. Also I have used this for Blu-ray and Netflix. And again... Amazing. I have a samsung 40", a Sanyo 42" and a Vizio 32" in my house and this by far beats picture quality of all of them. The sound is really great also! No real need for a sound bar unless your super picky about it, otherwise the sound will so great. Some of the best sound I've heard on a TV. I'm a very picky person when it comes to electronic devices, and I like mine to be too quality with great features for a great price. This TV accomplished all that. Not to mention it's extremely stylish and a very cool looking finish.