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Ventana Wilderness Alliance Official Website - A grassroots conservation and advocacy organization dedicated to preserving the public lands of central California's Santa Lucia Mountains.

  • https://www.ventanawild.org/trails Big Sur Coastal Trails – Ventana Wilderness Alliance - Find on-line Trail Conditions Reports for the Los Padres National Forest Monterey Ranger District and California State Parks on the Big Sur coast.
  • https://www.ventanawild.org/trails/ventana-wilderness-trails Ventana Wilderness Trails – Ventana Wilderness Alliance - Explore the extensive list of trails in the Ventana Wilderness, find up to date trail conditions and submit your photographs and recent trail experiences in our on-line forum.

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  • K. Hutcherson - So far it's awesome

    I've been teaching myself to play guitar on and off for many years. I can probably be classified as a polished beginner. However it's been about a year since I've picked up my guitar. I found the interface to be pretty user friendly. Essentially plug and play. I am playing through HDMI and have no delay issues. I started as a beginner to try to work out any bad habits I may have developed over the years. The game claims it will teach you guitar in 60 days. While I don't see it teaching the fundamentals of reading music, yet anyway, it will definitely help get you comfortable handling your axe. Anything that will keep me interested and looking forward to picking up the guitar is a step in the right direction.

  • Judy Friedman - Colloidal silver is the ingredient that causes it's effectiveness. ...

    Colloidal silver is the ingredient that causes it's effectiveness. It is anti-fungal and anti-bacterial. It works, for sure. Works on toe nail fungus, bug bites, rashes.etc. My husband is using it for a 20 year stubborn case of lichen planus on his legs that he has tried EVERYTHING to effect a cure. Emuaid is clearing it up! HOWEVER, BE AWARE PROLONGED USE OF COLLOIDAL SILVER CAN CAUSE ARGYRIA. That is a blue discoloration of the skin that is permanent... caused by exposure to the sun on areas treated with colloidal silver. Ingestion of colloidal silver can result in generalized blue-gray discoloration of the skin. I know of NO reports of blue skin from this product. Emuaid states there have been no reports... But do not everuse it. Research argyria and colloidal silver and use with caution. The first ingredient of this product is argentum metallica. That is silver. I do think Emuaid should publish a caution regarding the possiblity that this might occur with prolonged use. However, I have also read reports that it cannot occur with the new smaller nano particles used in modern preperations. I have questioned Emuaid regarding this repeatedly...with NO RESPONSE. Bottom line: Emuaid does what it says it will do!!! But use with caution.

  • RichR - A traveler's must have guide.

    Rick Steves does an excellent job with all of his guide books. He describes points of interest in a realistic way and doesn't sugar coat anything like travel services do.

  • Rogerio Caticci Junior - it looks like it is OEM

    Can't complain, it looks like it is OEM. The only problem is that two screws are too short so I had to improvise. As I like putting my brain to work it was not a problem.

  • William J. Powell - Access 2010: The Missing Manual

    Great book, I like it. I have used several ACCESS books from different authors/publishers. O'Reilly had a good reputation and it was correct. I wouldn't hesitate to buy other O'Reilly books. Also got the digital version.

  • chelo817 - The best shampoo for me

    The best shampoo for me. I was losing hair by the bunches, It stopped the falling in the first bottle. It's the one with nettle.

  • Bonnie Billingsley - Great family show!

    Love it! Great story about good choices, consequences and choosing to be who you were created to be.