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  • Amazon Customer - Great system! Worth every penny!

    I have done this cleanse twice now and let me say I really like it. I have never eaten well and this proved it to me. After only 5 days I lost 9 pounds. I also wanted to see exactly how many calories I was ingesting on a regular basis, try to prove a point that I'm eating more than a thousand calories, so what I did was put everything into the MyfitnessPal app on my phone. If the one meal you eat is 500 calories you're still consuming almost 1300 calories a day. Of course that would vary based on what "snacks" I ate. Your body doesn't go into starvation mode, its still getting plenty of calories, but WHAT is being put into my body is significantly better than any other choice I would make. Goes to show that processed food really does a toll on your body.

  • cate - Helps me with my bad reactions to carbs

    After reading some of these reviews and reading a research article on the ingredients I can honestly say I have no idea why this product works for me. But it does. I'm the biggest skeptic of these systems and honestly, I only bought some of the It Works products to help a friend out. I'm not here to bash It Works but to actually give it credit on the one product that surprisingly does work for me! I should also note that when I say it 'works' for me I'm not talking about weight loss but talking about how it helps my body digest or react to carbs. I'm not a scientist or a doctor so I have no idea if it actually helps my body digest the carbs BUT for some reason my body does not like carbs (gluten) and this pill helps. Any meal heavy in carbs bloats me (like + 1-2 pant sizes BLOATING), makes me tired and makes me just feel SICK. Anyone with a similar reaction to carbs understands what I'm describing. It's not just the feeling you get after a big meal, it's a whole different level of discomfort and agony and it doesn't matter the size of the meal. Before this pill, I would take midol after these meals and it would help just as well. But I'm not a fan of taking medicines like midol that have multiple drugs to treat multiple systems when you just need to treat one of the symptoms. So being able to take this supplement to get the same effect is AMAZING for me! Trust me, I was very surprised by how it worked! And when I first tried it I was not expecting to find this outcome! Like many of you I was expecting weight loss which I didn't find (i think you're supposed to use this with their other products to get weight loss) but the affect it had on my body in regards to bloating and feeling sick after just the first use was SIGNIFICANT. I still remember telling my husband after the first time. I was sitting there feeling bloated and sick and remembered I had just bought these and what better time to try them. He just shook his head and made some comment about silly weight loss pills. I took the 2 pills and then within 15 min I felt immensely better (after that I started taking them mid meal or before so that I don't even feel the bad effects from the carbs AT ALL). I was so shocked! I was like who cares if I lose weight or not, I don't have to take midol! Not sure why it works for me and I'm not saying it would work for everyone or anyone else. But if you have a bad reaction to carbs like I do, it's worth a shot in my opinion.

  • Nick J. Hedman - In the words of my 2nd Grader, "Very Funny."

    We had fun reading this book together and taking turns reading from the different characters. We did not have any deep talk about the theme of perspective, but it was good to read together and giggle.