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Universidad Tecnológica Equinoccial - La Universidad Tecnológica Equinoccial desde hace 45 años viene formando profesionales en diferentes áreas, siendo líder y referente en el ámbito de educación en el país.

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    Country:, South America, EC

    City: -78.5 Provincia de Pichincha, Ecuador

  • Bog Flynn - Beware: No 3D export

    I purchased this after about an hours worth of comparisons with different similar products. I should have done two hours of research. The most glaring mistake I made was assuming that the DXF export was 3D! DXF export was in the features list, so I assumed 3D. Nope! I thought by now, this would be a rather basic feature. I had that with 'Floorplan Deluxe 11' many years ago! It does export to DXF, but only in 2D. To get that capability, you have to purchase the full blown Chief Architect, not even the 'lite' Chief Architect, which is over $1000 ($1,995 to be exact). It is a good product otherwise, if you want to stay completely within the program. I do like the build doors, windows, roof, foundation features a lot. I like to model further in Blender and other modeling software, so I am stuck with my model remaining inside this software. Also, if you want to create a patio or pool deck that realistically is a slab or elevated with a stem, you will have to pass on this version and get the Architectural version (I believe, but check the matrix on their website). I tried all sorts of ways like creating a room where the deck was going to be, so the automatic foundation would be built. Then I would delete the room so I would have stemwall and footers. This would work, except pools can only be created directly out of the terrain, so you have to make the terrain flat to level of top of foundation. I got it to work after much trial and error, but doesn't quite look right. I'd though I would solve that in Blender. Sadly no. I have now purchased Turbofloorplan 16 Pro, as it is the version before the CAD engine was switched to 'Punch'. That version uses the CadSoft engine, which is the home user version of Envisioneer. UPDATE: After using TurboFlooPlan 16, I rebuilt the house in about the same amount of time as Home Designer 2015. That $29 software is what I should purchased in the first place. It is the Pro version, so there doesn't seem to be any limits. You can create actual 'slabs' and put pools in them, and most of all - I can export whole model in 3D!

  • Amazon Customer - its a great looking bag but is very small i have my ...

    its a great looking bag but is very small i have my gun,tank,hopper and mask and can barley zip it ap my jersey and pants are tough to fit in if i wanted any thing else in it it would be impossible other than the size it is a quality product and if you don't have much equipment its a great buy

  • Marley981 - I am very happy these were suggested to me

    I started having issues with my right knee after I had my daughter. Doubt that it is related, but running after her, bending down to pick things up, slipping on items that have been left out - I am sure contribute to the issues that I am having. I feel the pain the most when I am in a lunging position, with the weight on one leg and the knee bent. Its almost impossible for me because of the pain. I take a boot camp class, and had to replace any of those type exercises with something else. The trainer suggested a compression sleeve and it has made a HUGE difference. I wear it the majority of the time I am working out and it has helped me do more things with my knee without the pain. I also have worn in through out the day when I know I will be in a sitting position for the majority of the day (long days at work). I am very happy these were suggested to me, and I will continue to wear them. I measured my knee to ensure the correct size was purchased, so the compression sleeve fits as suggested. I would recommend this item to anyone looking for this type of product. The blue is true to the color blue as shown in the listing. I was lucky to purchase this product at a discount in exchange for my honest and unbiased review.

  • Dianne - Life saver!

    I spend the majority of my time watching Netflix! Just love it, love it, love it! My health has reached the point I can't do what I used to. Don't know what I'd do without it! It has saved me a bundle because I don't have to pay for cable now!

  • Diana Castanoarboleda - The software might be good but the customer service is terrible

    The software might be good but the customer service is terrible. They are not clear that with payroll you have to pay a monthly fee (they put it in such a tiny font that you don't see it easily). When you talk with the customer service people it seems they don't hear what you say, they just repeat their discourse… so frustrating. Nothing personal against them but their accent is pretty hard to understand. I don't understand why they charge for payroll after you buy the software when you have less then 3 people in payroll. Very frustrating experience… It was not what I expected. I don't like when they have things hidden or handle in mischievous manner… I decided to return the product.