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Unharm - You know how a lot of people use drugs and most do it safely, but there’s still a lot of silence, stigma and fear about it?

  • http://www.unharm.org/drug_checking Drug checking - Unharm - Right now there’s no control for the contents, purity and potency of drugs sold illegally. The best we can do right now is to check what is really in those pills and powders.
  • http://www.unharm.org/filming_police Filming police - Unharm - Yes, it's legal to film the police. If you see something that doesn't look right, film it.
  • http://www.unharm.org/drug_checking_petition Drug checking petition - Unharm - We've teamed up with Melbourne mother Adriana Buccianti on a campaign for drug checking services. Adriana's son Daniel died at a music festival in 2012 after taking a drug that wasn't what he thought it was. She believes drug checking services are a step we need to take.
  • http://www.unharm.org/sending_a_message Sending a message - Unharm - You propose something pragmatic to reduce the risks of drug use, then someone says it would send the wrong message about drugs. This argument sounds tough, but it's all front.

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  • Grisha - We always use his books when in Europe

    We always use his books when in Europe - well researched and mostly match our actual impression. Food recommendations were very good.

  • Alan Schuler - Terrific Upgrade

    Perfect fit. Looks better than original and works as well, if not better. Highly recommended. I have 2 Minis and this is on each of them.

  • Lastchild13 - The best silk therapy a girl could use

    In my opinion, this is the best silk therapy out there...even better than argan or morrocan oil. This does not leave any buildup on your hair, adds a beautiful shine and tames any frizz you may have ...even in humid weather. This is also a great product to use on your hands and or body for moisturizing. I have used this for 15 years and it has saved my hair from a lot of damage from blow drying, coloring and flat irons. A little goes a long way and this product is worth purchasing.

  • Geraldine - Fake perfume

    I purchased this perfume through the amazon website and was surprised and disappointed to receive a fake product. Thankfully amazon took charge of the situation and I received a refund. I will never order or buy perfume online again.

  • s.low - ... is the first time I have used a system like this, I have used it for about a ...

    This is the first time I have used a system like this, I have used it for about a week now and I have noticed a big difference. It was a little tricky to not waste a bunch of the gel with the syringes. I like this kit because it comes with two gel syringes, I haven't even finished the first one. I have plenty to use as touch ups for many months, it says the gel should last for 20 or more times. The way this kit works is you put the whitening gel on the mouth piece that is included and use the accelerator light to enhance the gels ability to whiten and speed up the whitening process. It is really simple and an affordable way to whiten. I am impressed. I did recieve a discount to review.

  • Yasmin - I love how they are ergonomically designed which makes it very ...

    This blackhead removal tool comes in very handy if you are someone who is so prone to touching, pressing, squeezing, or popping your blackheads or acne or other skin breakouts! I am lucky I don't normally have breakouts but blackheads and whiteheads I do have which I tend to squeeze every time I look at myself in the mirror. Well, with this blackhead removal kit, it makes it less likely for my facial skin to have redness or spots from all the squeezing. The kit comes with a comedone extractors, electroplated needle, and more functional tools for skin maintenance but personally, it is the comedone extractor that I can use often to take care of my black and whiteheads. I love how they are ergonomically designed which makes it very user-friendly and very easy to grip. I like having this product as I am not only the one that benefits it in my home, also my husband who has his own share of blackheads to take care of.


    First I like ordering it online because it gets delivered and I don't have to carry it from Home Depot. I have had Brazilian Cherry floors for ten years, and they are gorgeous. After cleaning the floor with Bona follow it up with Holloway House Quick Shine Floor Finish and you will not recognize your floors. Bona makes a broom type object with a pad on the bottom, and it has a refillable container, and it sprays the floor as you go. If you can find it, it makes it that much easier to use. I have my housekeepers use it, ​and I don't know what they do. The stuff they were using made my floors sticky.