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  • Andrew Jones - Defective?

    Out of the box, this monitor looked great. I set everything up and it ran smooth for the first couple of hours of use. Then the screen started to randomly (and frequently) cut to black for a moment or two before returning to the normal image. This is extremely annoying and severely undercuts the functionality of the monitor. I don't think it's a connectivity issue, but I will update this review once I am able to try a new HDMI cable.

  • Miss Marianne - Nothing left to loose

    The book is ecactly what the title says ' à cancer natte plan ' . It is practical and describes all the steps you got to follow the plan, in à very unsemtimental way . Just what i was looking for . If you have Nothing left to loose and need à last chanse follow this plan it is hoppfull and give health . Tanks also for only 2 days delivery to Sweden , unbeliveabel fast !

  • Walter Neff - First, We Kill All the Lawyers; Along With Reality

    Thornton, Hurt and Bello are three of my favorite actors, so I looked forward to seeing this original series. What I came with was a story that was stilted and somewhat contrived and many fine actors doing their best to deliver performances hampered by uneven directing and a fantastical script. The premise here is one that has been done untold numbers of times; small fry, damaged lawyer takes side of common man against maniacal corporation and law firm both populated by greedy narcissistic sociopaths. Unfortunately the writers let their creative license out of its cage to run wild. There are so many implausible episodes that I lost track. Beginning with the preposterous murder of a plaintiff and ending with a amoral corporate head somehow being duped into a recorded confession that leads to his downfall.

  • Inga - This is an awesome case. I love it

    This is an awesome case. I love it! It fits perfectly, hold the iPad Pro securely, gives superior protection. Sleep/wake Smart Cover works perfectly and this was under $30. I love the texture, far better than the slippery silicone which I hate. This looks and feels fabulous. I bought the blue and it's perfect.

  • Zihuatanejo - Cheeky company

    These guys have my purchased stored away in my adobe locker where they can clearly see what kind of purchase I have made and when and what I bought. However they leave out the place to download the product from. Apple snubbed these guys because they were a bunch of jerks most likely. After seeing they had hid the links I agree. I can buy software from a lot of companies that give me a link forever to what I bought from them.

  • Carmen B Molina - excellent

    Excellent cooking magazine!!! If you like to cook for health this is your magazine. Healthy, easy and fast recipes.i Recommend it.

  • MDdude - Used Crest Strips & toothpaste. Gave up for years until this product.

    I already used Crest White strips or whatever and they left my teeth so sensitive. So I gave up. I just used the whitening toothpaste and that seemed to be doing okay. My teeth were never yellow. Just the normal white or ivory color. My mom recently got her teeth whitened professionally and they looked great! So she bothered me about my teeth being white.