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  • garie - Cheaper than Costco!

    I live in a family of six, so the dishes can get pretty crazy, pretty often. These plates are a godsend, and while I know they aren't exactly green, they keep my family from washing too many dishes ---saving WATER, soap, sponges, gloves, etc. I live in drought stricken California, so anything I can do to save water is a good thing.

  • Andrew Wood - Awesome Stuff!!!!!!

    Just my big toe was affected.The nail looked really thick and discolored.I purchased this on 6/18/14 and have used it daily for 3 weeks now.I put some drops on so it will absorb into the gunk under the nail.Wait a few minutes and applied a little more to make sure it was good and soaked.After 3 weeks the gunk is falling out.The nail is still discolored but my toe was in pretty bad shape.I have tried other products.This is the only one that has worked and I highly recommend it.My toe isnt cured yet but I will come back and update as you are supposed to use this for a year to make sure it doesnt come back.Really happy with the results so far.

  • BJanszen - Poor quality, looks like factory seconds, bad packaging

    Extremely disappointed with the product and the shipping. The box was mailed in a shipping envelope, not a box so the product box was badly crushed. This was a gift, so I wanted the presentation to be nice. I completed the Amazon form to report the poor packaging and asked for a response but got none.

  • C. Musgrove - Great product, Beware The Packaging!

    We purchase this for my elderly mother. She has poor circulation in her legs and uses it to prevent sores. It works great, however as others have said the pump quits working long before the product is gone. I weighed what was left in a 14oz bottle when the pump quit and there was a full 6oz left. It is so thick you can't poor it out. I cut the bottle off above the product to get at what was remaining. So just be aware that if you throw it away when the pump quits you are throwing away almost half the product. I have made Gold Bond aware of this through their web site and am awaiting a responce.

  • Interesting, Informative - Interesting, Informative

    It was an exciting and informative book that helped me understand the scientific reasons HGH has made such a difference in my life. I will have to say I was more than skeptical at first, but after losing inches and the lines on my 45 year-old face slowly fading, I have to say I am no longer skeptical. I'm just glad to have found a very reasonable source for this awesome product. E-mail me if you'd like to know more. Bev in Missouri My e-mail address is [email protected]