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Country:, Europe, CZ

City: 14.4545 České Budějovice District, Czechia

  • Lee Thornton - Over all good product.

    Packaged and shipped well. Came on time and looked great out of box. Rubber seal was missing and was part C on instructions. This is the part between hood and grill. Took some time to install because the medal clamps would not stay in. After moving off road wiring lights around and using old clips I got grill to stay in place. Over all it looks great on my Jeep and I have received many complements.

  • Joseph C. Lawrence - Too sweet, needs heat

    We gave this sauce for beef tacos a try as a change from the same old dry spice packet offerings. Unfortunately, it fell short because of the sweetness and lack of heat. The lime cilantro sauce is much better but more suited to shrimp, seafood, and even chicken.

  • Erin Kazala - This phone is great I love it you can do so much more ...

    This phone is great I love it you can do so much more with it than you could with the freaking Samsung galaxy prevail piece of s*** phone. This phone I can get better service with it than I did with the freaking Samsung galaxy prevail.

  • Michael S. - Have yet to use it....

    I ordered my Proform 505 CST Treadmill and it was delivered on Wednesday, April 16, 2014. I followed all of the instructions to assemble and setup the treadmill. When I plugged it in and tried to use it, the belt slowed down when I put weight on it (I weigh 200lbs). I read the troubleshooting section of the instruction booklet and followed all the suggestions as to why the belt would slow. The belt still slowed so I contacted customer service. Customer service sent instructions on how to calibrate the treadmill (shouldn't this have been done at the factory?) and still, the belt slowed down. I contacted customer service again and they told me that the belt may not have been properly lubricated at the factory and they will need to send me a tube of belt lubricant. I am giving this product one star because I am extremely dissatisfied with the fact that I have purchased a product that did not come to me in working order. I have had to invest hours into assembling and troubleshooting this thing without being able to use it. Now I am waiting on a tube of belt lubricant that again, I will have to spend more time to put on myself. If it works after all is said and done, I might give more stars....

  • J EFF BROWNING SR - Great album

    saw him live ten years ago didn't realize he wrote some many hits for everyone else. originals are always better!

  • M. Mallouhi - They changed their licensing to a regionbased

    I bought six licenses (two boxes) and then I discovered (after 5 years of using kaspersky) that I can't install it in my computers in Germany... It's only for USA. What a waste of money. I could buy Norton or Macafee whiout this stupid problem. Good bye Kaspersky... I won't buy this product anymore.