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Triangle Orthopaedic Associates, P.A. - Sports Injuries | Orthopaedic Surgeries | Raleigh Orthopaedics | Durham Orthopaedics | Apex Orthopaedics - Triangle Orthopaedic Associates has been treating an array of conditions from sports related injuries to joint replacements. Our rehabilitation centers afford thorough guidance to patients during the recovery process.

  • http://www.triangleortho.com/providers.asp Providers - Triangle Orthopaedic Associates, P.A. - Triangle Orthopaedics is led by a team of board-certified physicians and supported by a specially trained staff of physician assisitants, nurse practitioners, physical and occupational therapists, and rehabilitation and pain management specialists.
  • http://www.triangleortho.com/specialty-centers.asp Triangle Orthopaedic Associates, P.A. - Specialty Centers - Triangle Orthopaedics provides complete orthopaedic care for musculoskeletal conditions. Our physicians have dedicated years of intense training to become true experts in the orthopaedic field. Some physicians specialize in the treatment of specific joint problems or in the performance of certain procedures, while others treat all parts of the body.
  • http://www.triangleortho.com/services.asp Triangle Orthopaedic Associates, P.A. - Services - Triangle Orthopaedics believes not only in treating its patients with the best possible care, but in providing a complete healthcare experience. We have over 50 board-certified providers on staff, each one has an area of specialization to ensure we thoroughly address all of our patients' unique needs.

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  • ireadreviews - Customer Service means A LOT!!!!

    I purchase my 2nd Haan steamer in January 2016 from Amazon. I loved my 1st steamer. Had zero problems in its 3 year life span. My 2nd steamer SI70 arrived and I was excited to get my floors steamed. I used this steamer maybe 3-4 times before the handle fell to the floor shattering the water tank. I have tried to get a replacement for it from HAAN with no success. I have emailed them 4 times and I have called their customer service line and left a message and have not received any reply from either source. I used their contact email on their website and from my own personal email. The 1st time I emailed them I did receive a response saying they were out of stock and would be getting more in. Since then i've sent 3 more and a phone call to which I have yet to get any reply. This has been going on since beginning of March and it is now mid June. It's fair to say this is my last purchase from HAAN. Customer service means a lot!

  • BayBee - I really like this gym bag

    I really like this gym bag! It's cute and the perfect size. The only thing I have to complain about is the straps. They hurt your shoulders after awhile

  • Amazon Customer - what a life changer!

    i wish i had discovered this book two years ago when i was first diagnosed with hip arthritis. the doctor wanted to do what they do best - prescribe medication and cut on you. fortunately, i held off getting the operation as i'm a little too young to be getting a hip replacement. i followed the eight steps in the book, and in just a few days i was feeling better than i had in 2 years. now, i've decided to put off this operation. i cannot rave about this book enough - THIS INFORMATION IS LIFE CHANGING!

  • Josh&Lila Dodson - Running on a cloud!

    These are great shoes to run in. I did a lot of research based on my style running and how my feet hit the ground. The shoes really support my back when I run! Compared to other shoes that I have used, these shoes make me feel like I'm running on a cloud.

  • sweetcheeks petersen - Another good book for us. Hurry with the second half.

    I've waited so long for this book and it was well worth the wait Chrissy I want to let you know that any book you drop just gets better and better. I love the fact we still keeping up with our old characters Elite, Montana, Money & Legend. This just makes me Anna know when is the next part due. Congrats this was definitely a great read. Keep up the excellent work boo.

  • Lori Sullivan - I thought it was supposed to HELP my computer

    I put this on my Mac mini and it was a complete disaster. The computer got stuck in an endless loop of program crashes and restarts, making it unusable. I know that antivirus software often doesn't play well with other programs so I tried to take it off. It refused to be uninstalled and remained stuck in its loop. Customer support was weak and if it wasn't for some information I found online I wouldn't be able to be typing this now, as my Mac would still be non-functional. Worst. Software. Ever.

  • Amazon Customer - good shoes for summer commuting

    Very open design (mesh) and recessed sole cavities make it a good all around shoe for casual biking and commuting in warm weather.