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Young Adult Drug Rehab | Turnbridge | CT - Turnbridge (formerly Turning Point) provides life-saving addiction treatment programs for young men and young women.

  • http://www.tpaddictiontreatment.com/mens Drug Rehab & Addiction Treatment in CT | Turnbridge - Turnbridge is a Drug Rehab program designed specifically for Young Adults who have been derailed by addiction and dual diagnoses.
  • http://www.tpaddictiontreatment.com/womens Drug Rehab For Women in CT | Turnbridge - Turnbridge for Women is a leading addiction treatment program for young women who are suffering from addiction and co-occurring mental health issues.
  • http://www.tpaddictiontreatment.com/privacy-policy Privacy Policy | Turning Point - Turing Point (“We or Us”) is a specialized drug treatment program for young men. This Privacy Policy is a statement describing our practices involving

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  • Franky - It does smell terrible right out of the bottle so make sure you ...

    This should last you a lifetime if you have a reasonable amount of tanks (what is "reasonable" is what my wife would ask :D ). One capful will de chlorinate 55 gallon so you can kind of guess how much you need whether it is a 10 or 100 gallon tank. Just a few drops is normally what I need and it doesn't bother my fish, shrimp or turtle. It does smell terrible right out of the bottle so make sure you don't spill it!

  • Yawana - Worth the time

    It is a good book and worth the time reading it. It's about a strong woman living during a time when it wasn't easy for women to be strong and independent. I enjoyed reading it and you will too.

  • </>< - It really works for Blown Head Gasket!!

    I bought a 2003 Nissan Sentra that has a blown head gasket, seller withheld that info from me. Mechanic said it would cost $2300 to repaid the head gasket, $1500 for a junkyard motor swap, maybe some other day, too broke now but I gotta have my car running.

  • Matt D - as it does not run like the regular sprayer does

    I've used this cleaner many times on my car windows. Having it in an aerosol can makes it easier to apply, as it does not run like the regular sprayer does. Plus it is a 22 oz can, so it will last you a while with regular use.