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  • Contrair Kennamer - Great gift idea!

    This is a nice kind of blind pack sort of sticker collection. It is great for the NFL loving kid in your life! I received this product at a discount in exchange for an honest review.

  • aceman9188 - Excellent All-Purpose Backpack

    The qualities I look for in a backpack are durability and usefulness (usually size, practicality, etc...). This pack meet all those expectations. It is a backpack that would be equally comfortable on a long 7-8 hour hike or a 10 minute walk to class. With adjustable bands essentially everywhere, it is easy to limit the 'bulkiness' of the pack itself.

  • glitter girl - Great immune fighter

    Very helpful when you feel like you are getting sick, start taking soon as you feel cold coming on...at least 3 times a day..