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  • David Shih - I'm loving this series!

    Whoa. At first I didn't know what to make of this book but within a few chapters, I was hooked. The author has done a great job creating a believable world with a nice blend of Roman-style military action mixed with just the right amount of magic which is rare in this setting.

  • Allen Nguyen - Stiff bag light

    Very comfortable and ventilated well. Great price and 79 with not tax and free shipping. Regular width is slightly wider than normal which I really needed.

  • S. Conner - Don't care for it

    I am a pretty experienced hobby woodworker. I personally don't care for this glue. It's messy, it foams up, isn't as strong as other PVA glues like Titebond in tests. Overall, if I want a waterproof glue I'll use Titebond 3.

  • Mike Blake - Beyond words, Great!

    In what may be the best series of UFO books ever written, Albert Rosales presents some of the most fascinating cases ever published. There are four books in the series total and I recommend reading them all. In this book, one of the stories I would like to point out is the alien in Walmart. David Jacobs latest book could have confirmation in this book. I would also like to point out The sources Albert used are some of the best, like Lon's Phantoms and Monsters. If you have not read any of these books or are on the fence about buying them, I can tell you almost every page has a fascinating case that will keep you riveted. The book includes photos and drawings as well. The Texas 2012 ball of light sitting on the road photograph is my favorite. I love these books. Thank you for writing them.

  • David P. Graf - Rabbit TV can infect your PC or laptop with a virus - Use at your own risk

    I bought Rabbit TV this last week. Fortunately, I do a good deal of work on the web and so I have a heavy-duty security package to protect me from viruses and malware. Imagine my surprise when it detected a virus (Trojan backdoor) on the Rabbit TV thumb drive. Luckily, I was protected. Many will not be and will pay a price for using Rabbit TV. Use this product at your own risk. Updated (01/31/15)...Ever since dumping Rabbit TV, I have received numerous spam emails begging me to come back. Take it from me - you are far better off not having anything to do with this product.

  • Runandrun - Shameful, despicable company

    Dealerships make false claims and Xzilon cowers behind their fine print. NOWHERE IN THE FINE PRINT DOES IT SAY THAT SCRATCHES ARE NOT COVERED, and it absolutely should if this is a company with integrity.