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Thomson Medical - Maternity Specialists & Gynaecologists - Thomson Medical Centre Limited is a 190 bed private hospital located at Thomson Road in Singapore. The hospital specialises in gynaecology and obstetrics.

Country:, Asia, SG

City: 103.8565 Central Singapore Community Development Council, Singapore

  • W. Alley - Best thing to drink!

    This is the best thing to drink for minerials that we are all missing due to the poor soils that our food is grown in. When I drink this I don't feel the "hunger" which keeps my weight down. If your looking for a real choice for those missing minerials this is it. And...it tastes good.

  • Black Hole Gang - Preferred because of the shorter interval workouts

    My son prefers this to another he has tried because the other workouts ranged up to 50 minutes long. These are 25 minutes long with another couple of minutes to stretch afterwards. The shorter time makes it more manageable in a tight schedule, he is still sweating and pumped up by the end, and we saw visible improvements after a few weeks.

  • Viktoria - It didn't work for me

    Just like some other reviewers here, I was introduced to OroGold in Las Vegas earlier this year. I was with my sister who is 39. I'm 32. This cute French guy insisted we try it. He mixed two products and applied the mixture under our eyes. We saw a significant improvement on my sister's face. I didn't notice much change on mine. He was trying to sell it to us for $500 (for two products), then dropped it to $250. I was very suspicious and we walked away. A few months later I started noticing first crow feet under my eyes. So I started looking for this product. I found it on Amazon.com and bought the Eye Serum and Intense formula eye cream. I have been using them under my left eye for two months or so and I don't see a difference. Also, the mixture the French guy used felt very different on my fingers - funny silky feeling. The one I bought here doesn't have that. I also don't feel it is moisturizing enough. I'll finish the product I bought , and will not buy this again. I started using castor oil under my right eye and a week later I noticed a significant improvement. Good luck!

  • S. Martinez - Great value

    This folder does exactly what I need it to do: hold the coins in a presentable and convenient way. Great value given the price.