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Buffalo Niagara Partnership | Chamber of Commerce Centered on Growing Private Investment & Jobs in Buffalo, NY - Buffalo Niagara Partnership is the largest regional chamber of commerce in Western New York, dedicated to growing private investment, jobs and business development in the region.

  • http://www.thepartnership.org/member-resources/ Business Development Resources Exclusively For Members | Buffalo Niagara Partnership - Buffalo Niagara Partnership's unmatched member business resources include intelligence, cost saving programs, event marketing & sponsorship opportunities & more.
  • http://www.thepartnership.org/member-resources/business-support/ Business Intelligence Resources: Providing Unmatched Business Support To Members | Buffalo Niagara Partnership - Access business intelligence resources that will set your business up for success, including data related to economic climate, market conditions & industry sectors. Join today!
  • http://www.thepartnership.org/member-resources/marketing-sponsorship/ Marketing & Sponsorship Opportunities: Effective Marketing That Makes Local Businesses Stand Out | Buffalo Niagara Partnership - The Buffalo Niagara Partnership offers marketing & sponsorship opportunities to members and non-members alike. Get access your target audience today!
  • http://www.thepartnership.org/member-resources/cost-saving-programs/ Cost Saving Programs: Opportunities For Businesses That Impact Their Bottom Line & Improve Employee Satisfaction | Buffalo Niagara Partnership - Cost saving programs through the Buffalo Niagara Partnership impact the bottom lines of partnership member investors. Learn more!
  • http://www.thepartnership.org/economic-development/ Economic Development & Smart Growth: Helping businesses develop & compete in Western New York | Buffalo Niagara Partnership - The Buffalo Niagara Partnership plays a key role in the economic development of Western New York. Connect with government policy makers, community leaders & more today!
  • http://www.thepartnership.org/economic-development/about-the-region/ About The Buffalo Niagara Region | Buffalo Niagara Partnership - The Buffalo Niagara region is an international destination that is deeply rooted in history, while quickly moving towards a dynamic future.
  • http://www.thepartnership.org/economic-development/councils/ Industry councils working to prioritize members' unique needs | Buffalo Niagara Partnership - Learn about our industry councils and their strategic priorities working to support and advance the Buffalo Niagara region.
  • http://www.thepartnership.org/economic-development/programs-initiatives/ Economic Development Programs & Initiatives | Buffalo Niagara Partnership - Access a wide range of programs and resources that will help you grow and expand your business, while impacting the economic growth of the entire region.
  • http://www.thepartnership.org/advocacy/ Broad & Far Reaching Business Advocacy Efforts | Buffalo Niagara Partnership - We advocate on behalf of our members by working with government leaders on the issues that matter to local business, reducing burdensome regulations & more.
  • http://www.thepartnership.org/advocacy/advocacy-agenda/ Advocacy Agenda | Buffalo Niagara Partnership - Each year the Partnership produces an Advocacy Agenda which outlines our policy priorities at the federal, state and local level. View our current agenda.
  • http://www.thepartnership.org/advocacy/regional-priority-projects/ Regional Priorities | Buffalo Niagara Partnership - The Partnership’s regional priorities list details regionally significant development, infrastructure & planning projects. View our current regional priorities.
  • http://www.thepartnership.org/advocacy/partners/ Advocacy Partners | Buffalo Niagara Partnership - The Partnership works closely with select organization in order to maximize efforts & results for members. Learn about the organizations that are on your side!
  • http://www.thepartnership.org/advocacy/political-action/ Committee for Economic Growth: The Partnerships PAC Advocating For The Buffalo Niagara Business Community | Buffalo Niagara Partnership - The Partnership's Political Action Committee, The Committee for Economic Growth, works to support candidates whose beliefs are in line with those of local business community.
  • http://www.thepartnership.org/bn360/ Buffalo Niagara 360: Young Professional Program Dedicated To Networking, Leadership Development & Community Engagement | Buffalo Niagara Partnership - BN360 is a program dedicated to the area's young professionals, focused on networking, leadership development & community engagement. Learn more!
  • http://www.thepartnership.org/bn360/young-professionals-events/ Buffalo Niagara 360 Events: Programming & Events For Young Professionals Aimed At Growing & Developing The Region's YPs | Buffalo Niagara Partnership - BN360 hosts a variety of events for young professionals throughout the year, centered on networking, leadership development & community engagement. Learn more!
  • http://www.thepartnership.org/bn360/spotlight-professionals/ Buffalo Niagara 360 Spotlight Professionals | Buffalo Niagara Partnership - Each year, BN360 highlights 10 individuals who exemplify today’s definition of a young rising leader. Learn about them and get inspired!
  • http://www.thepartnership.org/bn360/membership/ Buffalo Niagara 360 Membership: Offering Corporate & Individual Membership To Help Young Professionals Grow | Buffalo Niagara Partnership - Ready to reach your highest potential as a young professional? Sign up as an individual or as a company!
  • http://www.thepartnership.org/bn360/connect/ Buffalo Niagara 360 Connect: Dedicated To Representing The Voice Of The Region's YPs Where It Matters Most | Buffalo Niagara Partnership - BN360 Connect is a place for the area's young professionals to network, learn and share experiences with each other. Start connecting!
  • http://www.thepartnership.org/the-partnership/ About The Partnership | Buffalo Niagara Partnership - By mobilizing around common goals, we grow private investment & jobs in Buffalo Niagara through 3 areas: Convening, Economic Development & Advocacy.
  • http://www.thepartnership.org/the-partnership/success-stories/ Success Stories | Buffalo Niagara Partnership - Highlighting how members have utilized Partnership resources to grow their business, make connections and improve the Buffalo Niagara Region.
  • http://www.thepartnership.org/the-partnership/strategic-partners/ Strategic Partners | Buffalo Niagara Partnership - The strategic partners that we work closely with may vary, but our goal is common - improving the competitiveness of the Buffalo Niagara region.
  • http://www.thepartnership.org/the-partnership/links-resources/ Links & Resources | Buffalo Niagara Partnership - We've compiled a list of definitions and resources to make understanding the various programs and initiatives we work with a little bit easier!
  • http://www.thepartnership.org/the-partnership/news-press/ News & Press | Buffalo Niagara Partnership - Read our official press releases and browse the news articles highlighting the Partnership and our ongoing efforts.
  • http://www.thepartnership.org/connect/ Connect | Buffalo Niagara Partnership - It's our mission to stay connected to the pulse of our members and the community. Get in touch with us today and discover the power of connecting.
  • http://www.thepartnership.org/connect/member-directory/ Member Directory | Buffalo Niagara Partnership - Our members are at the core of everything we do. Use our directory to connect to the businesses involved in the Partnership.
  • http://www.thepartnership.org/connect/events/ Business Networking Events & Professional Development Programming Designed To Facilitate Growth & Drive Business Advocacy | Buffalo Niagara Partnership - Connecting professionals, government leaders, industry experts & community stakeholders through an unprecedented number of events, meetings & workshops.
  • http://www.thepartnership.org/connect/membership/ Become A Member | Buffalo Niagara Partnership - Learn more about the Partnership, joining, and how the power of the Buffalo Niagara Partnership can work for you.

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