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  • Jason Hurtubise - Great Starting Point

    Just as advertised, it gets you playing Nagic casually in no time flat. Don't expect to be able to jump into a constructed tournament and win with this, but it is a solid way to start and let's you build a couple if fun decks to play with a friend.

  • jim crowley - narrative jumped around too much also it was like a soap opera every one sits and talks each ...

    narrative jumped around too much also it was like a soap opera every one sits and talks each other to death no pun intended

  • Smiley Faces - Great starter set.

    I'm a Fekkai Girl now, but I wasn't always. I didn't see how higher priced products made a difference until I tried this set. I have VERY frizzy hair and the glossing cream completely eliminates that and boosts shine. I use the shampoo and conditioner and the glossing cream, it's good because I no longer have to put heavy products in my hair.

  • H. L. Cross - A huge hit for 5 year olds

    We have had it all of a few hours, We opened our Christmas gifts today, and so thankful I bought this watch. My 5 year old sons big gift was the imaginext power rangers megazord which he quickly lost interest in. This watch saved me. It wasn't charged, but let me tell you it didn't take too long but once it was charged nothing else existed all day. He has been playing with it since he opened it and it is still going strong. He is totally in love with it. We have only had it a few hours but I will update my review if anything happens. He is absolutely thrilled to have his own video camera and camera. This was his Christmas favorite for sure. I will say one thing...my other son is 6 (closer to 7) and super intelligent and he played with it for a few minutes and lost interest. Maybe it is more for kindergartners and preschoolers.

  • JGtz - For the price, it's good

    Good book for the GRE exam, also for the general guidelines to apply to graduate programs. A year after college I decided it was time to think about grad school so I looked into GRE prep books and reading other reviews I figured this 2 year old book would suffice for the revised exam. Other reviews are not wrong, it's a good book; but overall I think unnecessary. I found myself skipping to the practice sets and practice exam instead of reading through the recommended steps. It really is just a continuation of the ACT or SAT exams, its difficulty is nothing compared to other major-related exams such as the FE (Engineering 8 hr exam). Nonetheless, considering how inexpensive a used copy of the book can be found for, and how expensive the exam is (9 Jackson bills) it is worth the buy to at least brush up your vocab and laugh at the simplicity of the math tested.

  • D. Snyder - The best Chromebook by a long mile

    I'm not gonna review Chromebooks, you either know it's for you or not... do some research. Assuming you know what you're buying, this is by far the best Chromebook on the market.

  • christopher miklitsch - Love this stuff

    Love this stuff!!! Smells like laffy taffy and it holds even overnight when needed. My favorite product on the market and I have tried many! Not greasy or too firm. It's perfect! Many of my friends have switched to it as well. If your hair is longer than 3 inches it won't be very effective unless you use a bunch.