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  • Reader - Stronger hair!

    I am very happy with this product which was recommended by author "Chicoro" who wrote, "Grow It". The book is about how to grow ethnic hair that is coiled/curly. My hair was breaking every month and it was how I was treating it and also that I never used protein treatments. Right away, I noticed a difference after using Aphogee 2 step protein treatment. The secret is to follow the directions carefully and deep condition afterwards. If your hair is shedding heavily, breaking and splitting, this product will stop it cold. It works very well, but don't use too often.

  • Michael - Great Book for the trivia buff!

    Dan always writes interesting stories. His daily e-mails are fantastic and now we can have the book on our coffee table to show friends and family. Awesome collaboration of stories. I would recommend this book to everyone!

  • Cestmoi - The FATHER of all disaster movies so far in terms of special effects and entertaining. + Some scenes with depth and emotion

    Of course, I had to suppress my logic while watching this in order to enjoy it completely. I mean there are quite a few illogical moments but they do not affect the entertaining value of this movie. The special effects are much superior to others of the same genre. They look real, spectacular and scary. There are some scenes with depth and emotion too. For example, the scenes where the rich paid billion of dollars to be hauled to safety while the poor were left behind.

  • Sherry - Not Worth the money

    This conditioner does not detangle my medium length hair even better than Suave. Did not like it, and to make it even worse they more than doubled the price for my second subscribe and save. I cancelled after one bottle.

  • Amazon Customer - Amazing grow

    love this stuff, after I used my clinical strength dandruff shampoo this stuff worked great! My hair grew about an inch in a month, use this after every shower. This works amazingly.

  • Cynthia C - Perfect color!

    My favorite blush! I first sampled it from a monthly subscription then came here to buy the full sized product. Great color, great value!

  • abby d diva - It works!

    I have a scar in my tummy from giving birth and i tried so many scar cream but it didn't help. I've bee using this Ultimate Renewal Scar Cream twice a day since the first day i recieved it but so far so good i think its workin but i don't expect to see results instantly. My scar are much toned down and less visible. I can't wait to see in another month or two.