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  • http://www.thebiotransportlab.com/gettokndrth.html Dr. Thies is one of most sought expert in commercial industries. - Dr. Thies has 44 years of microencapsulation experience. He teaches microencapsulation lab courses, workshop for 27 years globally. He is one of most sought consultant in global commercial industries
  • http://www.thebiotransportlab.com/thmica.html Thies Microcapsules - Thies Technology focuses on innovative and custom-made microspheres and microcapsules. Its Thies Characterized Microcapsules� enable customers to shop for microcapsules according to the specifications desired.
  • http://www.thebiotransportlab.com/shortcourses.html Microcapsules, Microencapsulation, Nanocapsules, Hands-on, Work Shop, Lab Courses by Dr.Thies - The longest running lab courses in the world devoted exclusively to the hands-on synthesis of microcapsules and nanocapsules by the pioneer and world renowned expert, Dr. Curt Thies.
  • http://www.thebiotransportlab.com/customdesign1.html Custom Designed Microcapsules - We do custom-made microcapsules using Complex Coacervation,Interfacial Polymerization,In Situ Polymerization,Polymer-Polymer Phase Separation,Desolvation,Extrusion,Gelation, Thermal,Ionic
  • http://www.thebiotransportlab.com/dr--thies--patents.html Patents, Microencapsulation, Microcapsules, Nanocapsules, courses, hands-on, workshop - With 44 years of dedication to microencapsulation research and commercial consultation, Dr. Thies' patents have indisputable commercial value. Contact Dr. Thies for technology transfer, consultation and commercialization.
  • http://www.thebiotransportlab.com/mirebydrth.html Dr. Thies' Reviews in Microencapsulation, Microcapsules and Nano Technology - With over 40 years of dedication to microencapsulation research, development, consulting and teaching, Dr. Thies' opinions and reviews have unparalleled value in commercial business and institutional research.
  • http://www.thebiotransportlab.com/publications-by-dr--thies.html Dr. Thies' Publications in Microencapsulation, Microcapsules, Nanocapsules - Publications in microencapsulation, microcapsules and nanocapsules by Dr. Thies, who has over 44 years of experience in consulting, teaching and research and development of innovative encapsulation techniques.
  • http://www.thebiotransportlab.com/cren.html Creative Microencapsulation - Thies Technology is a boutique Research and Development organization that focuses on micro and nano capsules. Its encapsulation skills can be applied to a broad range of applications. The company continually investigates and develops new encapsulation systems that are designed to provide cutting edge technology.
  • http://www.thebiotransportlab.com/contactus.html Contact Us - The longest running lab course in the world devoted exclusively to the hands-on teaching of microcapsule and nanocapsule production by pioneer and world renowned expert, Dr. Curt Thies.

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  • E. Vermillion - Works fine- doesn't fit properly

    Does not fit the Mazda 626 properly, although it says it is for that model. Works fine, but there is an awkward space between the car and the mount. If it wasn't put in my car already, I would return.

  • Sally Cummings - excellent

    I am very happy with this product, the only thing I can really say is drink a lot of water. I'm down 5 pounds in the first week. Free bottle is on the way. I will be passing it on to someone I know to try.

  • Ryan Browning - Wonderful product.

    This is the only product I use now after getting fresh ink and for continued care. I was introduced to this product a few years ago and I've never looked back. Best used as soon as the tattoo has scabbed and a small amount rubbed gently into the skin every time it starts to feel dry really helps to "set" everything.

  • LovelyLocs - Curlgasm

    This product is mentioned on all the natural hair forums, so I finally grit my teeth and bought some of this ridiculously expensive gel (I bought it cheaper at a store, but feel compelled to leave my review on Amazon since I always come here first about new products). I deep conditioned, put in a leave-in conditioner, and loaded on the KCCC (I have extremely thick 4a/b hair). It instantly defined my loops, s's, zig-zags, curls(and whatever else is going on up there--I'm still figuring it out) like no other product ever has. Generally speaking, I do much better with "clear" products rather than creamy ones (i.e. foaming face washes instead of cream cleansers, gel instead of hair puddings). If the same tends to be true for you, I highly recommend giving this product a try.

  • E. Anderson - I love this product

    I love this product, but it's cheaper at Walmart, I bought 2 bottles of 60 each for 19.99, I take three capsules a day before 12 in the afternoon and suppresses my appetite all day, if you take more then that you won't be able to sleep, and drink lots of water that helps too, best diet supplement I've come across in a long time

  • R. Hoskins - Maptitude GIS

    Maptitude is the best deal in the GIS world for users who need or could need – and might not know it yet - full GIS functionality but have a restricted budget and little time for training. I have taught GIS software of several vendors for almost 20 years for use in public health. Of the 3 or 4 most important packages Maptitude is definitely the easiest to use and compared to others, inexpensive. I cannot think of a GIS operation that it cannot do and in fact most operations which are complicated especially for beginners are almost simple in Maptitude. It is a package that one can learn on one’s own. The on-line user manual is the best in the business and on the Caliper.com site there are lots of very well done instructional videos. It comes with a lot of world data and a very complete suite of U.S. datasets. But there is a version for the United Kingdom, also Australia, Brazil, several more. Also it has a very nice interface with Google map. You can make professional quality maps right out of the box. Of course what you want to map is your own data and doing that while using the provided base maps makes for a very complete and sophisticated spatial analysis package.