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Who do you call after hours? | Tas After Hours - When you need medical help, your GP should always be your first point of call. If they are not available, find out who to call after hours.

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  • http://www.tasafterhours.com/about-us About us | Tas After Hours - A focus of primary health networks around Australia is to improve access to after hours services for local communities. The Tas After Hours project is an initiative of Primary Health Tasmania. This project aims to provide Tasmanians with information and access to a range of medical services and help available after hours. Primary Health Tasmania is a non-government, not-for-profit primary health care organisation working to help coordinate and connect primary health care services for local communities.
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  • http://www.tasafterhours.com/other-helplines Other helplines | Tas After Hours - Helpline services that may useful to you after hours:
 Support for anyone in Australia experiencing a personal crisis or thinking about suicide.
 When: 24/7        
 Phone: 131 114
 Mens Helpline
 Telephone and online support and information service for Australian men.
 When: 24/7
 Phone: 1300 789 978
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  • Vivian Linden - A Must-Read for Healthcare Practitioners (and a Valuable Read for Anyone Experiencing Health Problems)!

    In the four years since I first encountered Dr. Campbell-McBride, her book has remained on my top-recommended list. As a student of Complementary and Alternative Medicine(B.S. Herbal Sciences (Bastyr University), Certified Ayurvedic Lifestyle Consultant and Acupuncture/Oriental Medicine Intern), the content of this book (as well as her work on heart health) has provided me with invaluable information on the connection between food, digestion, the role of intestinal bacteria and over-all health. Anyone who is having food allergies, inflammatory conditions, psychological symptoms and general malaise can benefit tremendously by studying Dr. Campbell-McBride's work and applying it to their self-care regimen. It is easily readable for both lay-people and those with more science background.

  • En Yu - The First Time!!

    This is the first time my skin has ever had a reaction to skincare. The only thing I love about my skin is that it never seem to react to anything I subject it to & I have no allergies when it comes to skincare. Now I can only say, most skincare. I love the ROC Wrinkle filler & bought it before trying this cream. The most sickening thing about this cream is that it gave me a break out which is rare. I now have 4 pimples which are rather red & yet, I don't see any results. I felt a slight sting when I put the cream on, near the cheek & mouth area.

  • Mark J. Wagner - Save yourself time and headaches and find a backup solution that actually works!

    Save yourself some time and find another backup solution. This product has several major flaws. First, if you have relatively new hardware its boot disk creation utility is very poor. You MAY be able to create a boot disk that works but you will have to manually find and add the right drivers. Other solutions, like Macrium Reflect automate the entire boot disk creation process. Second, it has no log viewer built in if you run into any issues with your backups. Third, there is no way to delete old or unwanted backup sets from within the program. Fourth, some of the features and functions simply don't work. Honestly I have no idea how/why this product gets any positive reviews.

  • Charlotte A. Hu - Smooth Reading; Already Outdated in January 2013

    It's interesting to me that this text book appears already out of date. Even though it's a 2013 edition, it is referring to older Windows editions. Also in the section on Bits and Bytes, it describes the word tera as being associated with mainframes and supercomputers. I've been using terabyte external drives to store movies for years and I think a great many of my friends do as well. A simple search on Amazon.com shows 240 desktop computers with a terabyte of storage, several with 2 and one each for 3, 4, 5 and 6 terabytes of storage.