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Syneurgy MT - PEMF Therapy, Hip Pain Treatment, Osteoarthritis Treatment, Hip Osteoarthritis Treatment, Joint Pain Treatment - Syneurgy MT is a medical device using pulsed magnetic fields for the treatment of small fiber neuropathy, joint and muscle pain. Syneurgy MT is designed and manufactured by Array Therapeutic LLC in Scottsdale, Arizona.

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  • Kindle Customer - Great book

    This was a wonderful series I hate to see it end but all good things must come to an end the suspense and drama were worth the wait though

  • Roy W. Montgomery Jr. - Predictable

    It seemed like about 10% of the time I was able to predict which number was next. It was still better than Life of Pi which, aside from being irrational, included no estimations of Pi at all.

  • B. Coleman - A true treasure

    My son got tired of playing with his Legos. He says he'd rather play grandma's unnecessary cavity search in front of her children. The bonus set of nitrile gloves was much appreciated. We have to lock the bedroom doors at night now but hey, sacrifices must be made for education. Thanks Playmobile!