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Supporting CDKL5 - This website is about Ellie who has CDKL5. It is also about the story of CDKL5, what we know and what is currently being learned. The aim of supporting-CDKL5 is to raise the profile of CDKL5 and encourage support for research.

  • http://www.supporting-cdkl5.co.uk/ellies-story.php Supporting CDKL5 - This is a website about Ellie who has CDKL5. The aim of supporting-CDKL5 is to raise the profile of CDKL5 and encourage support for research.

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  • Sequitor - A Lifesaver even for an old geezer

    Needing surgery on my foot and ankle, I was terrified of using crutches again, and of the exhaustion and inconvenience of trying to just get around the house and make coffee without depending on others. I found this on "You Might Also Like" on Amazon and was instantly interested. Am I glad I saw this! Being neither young nor in the best shape of my life, this contraption is as close to a lifesaver as I can get. It lets me go up and down stairs, take care of my pets, make coffee (come on, the true elixir of life!) and even do some cooking and cleaning. All this without having to hold my leg up off the floor and being precariously balanced on two little crutch tips. Now, I do cheat and often use a walker for extra stability, but once up and around I manage just fine.

  • D. Peterson - Great item for a Media PC

    I wanted a small and inexpensive Media PC and started out by ordering the latest Android G-Box box but returned it cause it just "wasn't ready for Prime Time" when it came to VPN overseas/regional/restricted media streaming.

  • Emily Tawzer - Perfect fit for Chicco keyfit 30

    Perfect fit for our Chicco keyfit 30 and the BOB revolution SE. Clicks in perfectly and fits perfectly. Seems very safe and secure. I highly recommend this adaptor.

  • Gary Hauser - very pleased with the results

    I use two 6V Trojan deep-cycle coach batteries in my camper van, wired in series for a 12V system. My first set of batteries died after 5 years, and now these are 5 years old, and seemed to be dying. I got the BM 2012 on the recommendation of RVers, who claimed to be getting 7-10 years out of their batteries. I admit I let my second set run down too low one winter. I usually just tried to drive the van to charge the coach batteries, or plug it in when I thought about it, never bothering myself much with it. So... before buying a third set of new batteries, I tried the BM 2012 on these old, near dead ones, and I have to say the results are very convincing. I have solar panels on my van, with a solar regulator that tells me what amperage the batteries are charging at, and what the current voltage is. So I can easily track the daily pattern over time under various conditions. When camping the last few times before the BM 2012, my old batteries would quickly drop in voltage to 12.3-12.5 (70% charge) at sunset. By morning, with the fridge load and no solar, they would drop to 11.8-11.9 (35% charge). Now, after a few days with the BM 2012, they start at around 13 (100% charge) and might get down to 12.3 (65% charge), very much like just after new batteries.

  • ddcobbs - Sketch Pro 2011 Review

    I recommend the product for any artist who aspires to work with computer graphics, comic book work, graphic design, painting, etc., especially if you own a Cintic or computer tablet that allows you draw directly onto the computer and save you sketches. Very user friendly software product that's a must.