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  • 1endinsight - Worth the Money

    I did not want to spend $20 on this manual since I tried to find it at the local library. However, now that I see what information they have compiled, I am amazed that they don't have to charge more, just to cover their costs.

  • jon gaudio - It's true!!!!!

    Words cannot describe the last four hours of my life, I must have lost 10lbs EASY! These little nightmares should be labeled as the devils anal soap...... I'll give you a breakdown......


    Having read all of the prior reviews of this record - and having agreed with the majority - there is very little that I can add that hasn't already been said. This is a superb recording by one of the most forward-thinking bands performing today. For those of you who have yet to experience MA "live"...please, do yourself a favor the next time they are in your town. I have been a Massive Attack fan from the beginning, and have enjoyed all of their records.... but seeing them in concert came close to changing my life! At the very least, it changed my concept of live performance. Finally....resist the impulse to compare Blue Lines to either Protection or Mezzanine (also a masterpiece! ). Massive Attack understand what too few artists today comprehend - that music is an evolution - and each record is simply a chapter on that road. Buy them all - love them all!

  • KathleenW - Great Toy Smart Watch

    Great toy smart watch. Our twins are nine years old and we felt it would be too young for them. They love them. It would have more of an educational value for younger children. We would definitely buy again just for the play value. Quality is good and our girls love it.

  • jimmy aldridge - third stop light

    the replacement light looked better than the original light and fit properly the repair was very easy and quick thanks

  • Nonni - Over 65 and looking good!

    I have used this product before , so I am reordering it because it seems to work better than many other moisturizers. I usually

  • Martin A. Negron - From normal to lucky

    Jim Collins is trying to find the characteristics of what makes a good company a great company. His findings are supported by an extensive analysis of 1,435 companies for a period of 30 years. He uses a scientific approach to analyze his data and his results provide good information however, I have to disagree with the fundamental assumptions and definitions he used to present the idea. The Webster's dictionary defines great as "markedly superior in character or quality" and the same dictionary defines quality as "degree of excellence". The author's definition of great is only based on stock market returns to investors. The investors would probably agree with his definition of great because they want to maximize their returns but a company should not be evaluated only for the money it can produce. Abraham Lincoln summarized the idea for an institution to exist when he said, "Determine that the things can and shall be done, and then we shall find the way."