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  • amconrev - QuickBooks 2011 for Mac

    I purchased QuickBooks for Mac 2011 at the suggestion of an Intuit technical assistance operator in order to solve nagging problems that I was experiencing with my QuickBooks for Mac 2009 program, which included the program running incredibly slowly. QuickBooks for Mac 2011 did not solve my problems. It functioned at an even slower speed to the point where it became useless. I literally spent hours on-line with Intuit's technical assistance operators who even remotely accessed my computer to attempt to get the program running quickly and smoothly. The technical assistance personnel never were able to get the program to function properly. The bottom line is that Intuit was never able to remedy the problems that I was experiencing with QuickBooks 2011 for Mac. Thankfully, Intuit agreed to refund the purchase price of the program to me. My solution was reverting to using my old Quicken 2007 for Mac program that operated at a speed that made it useful. It does not appear to me that Intuit is at all invested in providing software that seamlessly operates on Mac computers. I would not recommend purchasing this program if you are a Mac user. Intuit simply has to come out with a better functioning product for Mac users.

  • S. Garcia - Now I will be happy to LIVE...

    I was ready to get my affairs in order and then surrender to what I had to assume was the inevitable, I felt so deathly ill last fall...even tho' my Dr. never can find anything wrong and guesses that maybe I have Chronic Fatigue. Naturopathic testing has revealed that I am very toxic and allergic and that my liver is struggling most of all my organs/systems. I can't afford all the alternative stuff that would supposedly help. Now: while I'm still not well, I have consistently been doing so much better since learning about EARTHING and following through in sleeping grounded and keeping myself grounded as much as possible while I'm awake too, well...I quit thinking about dieing and simply feel at peace with living however long I do, grateful for the end of the constant waves of sweats and nausea and the pain and the sleeplessness that ended with my first night of sleeping grounded approx. five months ago.

  • Jessica Beth - Never have eye lid creases again.

    Top 5 make up item of all time. I have used this for years and could never go without it. I use it under foundation to brighten my eyes and and I always look fresh and alive. It last all day and night. I see women with creases in their eye shadow and think they look so sloppy. Get this.

  • suzie byrne - I purchased two laser light shows last year which were wonderful but did not give any options as to color ...

    It is very well made. I purchased two laser light shows last year which were wonderful but did not give any options as to color of lights, blinking options, or a timer. I definitely intended to purchase more so I decided to try this. This one has it all. I'm super excited because it covers a much larger area than the laser light show. The look of this is much sturdier and very appealing. I am very happy with this purchase and plan on ordering more before the holidays. I was offered this product at a discounted price for an honest review. Honestly, I will purchase this product again without the discount because it works wonderfully. I base a lot of my purchase decisions on user reviews, so I try to write quality reviews in turn. If you've found this review helpful, please click the 'helpful' box

  • One of the Best and Most Influential Albums of the 90's - One of the Best and Most Influential Albums of the 90's

    Some might prefer the darker sound of Mezzanine and Protection's variations on a theme, but this is by far Massive Attack's best album. They sound like pale imitators of themselves on Protection and while almost anybody could have done Mezzanine, only Massive Attack could do Blue Lines. It has the best Massive Attack line-up: Shara Nelson, 3d, Tricky, Mushroom, Daddy G, and Horace Andy, under the leadership of Nellee Hooper, and every song is a masterpiece. My favorite tracks are the beguiling rap suites "Blue Lines", "Five Man Army", and "Daydreaming" and the beautiful final song "Hymn of the Big Wheel". It is the first time I had ever heard British rap, which is much more understated and positive than what we have in the U.S.