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LASIK & Cataract Surgery in San Antonio | South Texas Eye Institute - We offer ophthalmology & refractive surgery, laser vision correction, and glaucoma treatments by expert surgeons in San Antonio. Book a consultation today.

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  • https://www.southtexaseyeinstitute.com/patient-resources/ Patient Resources: Videos, Reviews & More - South Texas Eye Institute - Watch the latest videos from Dr Lisa Marten and read real reviews from South Texas Eye Institute vision correction patients in the San Antonio area.
  • https://www.southtexaseyeinstitute.com/patient-portal/ Patient Portal for New & Existing Patients - South Texas Eye Institute - Welcome to the South Texas Eye Institute’s Patient Portal for new and existing laser eye surgery patients. Register online or contact us for support.
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  • https://www.southtexaseyeinstitute.com/reviews/ LASIK Patient Reviews - South Texas Eye Institute - South Texas Eye Institute reviews from real patients: The best medical experience I’ve had; Place is great, clean, organized, world class staff. Read more.
  • https://www.southtexaseyeinstitute.com/about-us/ About Our Eye Care Center - South Texas Eye Institute - South Texas Eye Institute offers high quality, compassionate, customer care in Ophthalmology and Refractive Surgery with bilingual staff and doctors.
  • https://www.southtexaseyeinstitute.com/about-us/our-doctors/ Our Doctors & Optometrists - South Texas Eye Institute - Learn about Lisa Martén, M.D. and her team of certified eye care professionals. There's a reason South Texas Eye Institute is San Antonio's top clinic.
  • https://www.southtexaseyeinstitute.com/about-us/our-doctors/lisa-marten-md/ About Lisa Martén, MD - South Texas Eye Institute - Lisa Martén, M.D. is Board Certified by the American Board of Ophthalmology with advanced fellowship training in Cornea and Refractive Surgery. Read more.
  • https://www.southtexaseyeinstitute.com/about-us/our-doctors/laura-rubinate-do/ Laura Rubinate, DO Ophthalmologist - South Texas Eye Institute - Dr. Laura Rubinate, DO is an ophthalmologist board certified by the American Board of Ophthalmology and licensed by the Texas Medical Board.
  • https://www.southtexaseyeinstitute.com/about-us/our-doctors/shannon-leon-od/ Shannon Leon, O.D. Therapeutic Optometrist - South Texas Eye Institute - Shannon Leon, O.D. is a Therapeutic Optometrist with certification as an Optometric Glaucoma Specialist and is licensed by the Texas Optometry Board.
  • https://www.southtexaseyeinstitute.com/about-us/our-doctors/travis-lehr-o-d/ Travis Lehr, O.D. Theraputic Optometrist - South Texas Eye Institute - Dr. Travis Lehr is a residency trained Therapeutic Optometrist and is a certified Optometric Glaucoma Specialist. Dr. Lehr is from Sioux Falls, South Dakota
  • https://www.southtexaseyeinstitute.com/about-us/community-involvement/ Community Involvement & Beyond - South Texas Eye Institute - We reinvest our profits back into the clinic in order provide quality patient care with the highest technology and training for our staff. Learn more.
  • https://www.southtexaseyeinstitute.com/laser-eye-surgery/ Laser Eye Surgery San Antonio - South Texas Eye Institute - Custom LASIK and PRK surgery are two of our more popular laser eye surgery procedures . Both have proven to be safe and effective with great success rates.
  • https://www.southtexaseyeinstitute.com/laser-eye-surgery/lasik/ Bladeless Lasik Treatment | Intralase | South Texas Eye Institute - South Texas Eye Institute now offer IntraLase®, the blade-free LASIK procedure to our patients because it provides the most advanced technology available.
  • https://www.southtexaseyeinstitute.com/laser-eye-surgery/lasik-and-presbyopia/ Presbyopia Treatment & LASIK Options - South Texas Eye Institute - Presbyopia is not caused by the shape of the eye, but the aging of the eye. LASIK can help correct vision loss due to the hardening of the eye’s lens.
  • https://www.southtexaseyeinstitute.com/am-i-a-candidate/lasik/ Lasik Eligibility | South Texas Eye Institute - It is important to consult with a qualified laser correction surgeon to determine your candidacy as everyone are not a perfect patient for LASIK.
  • https://www.southtexaseyeinstitute.com/laser-eye-surgery/lasik-savings-calculator/ LASIK Savings Calculator - South Texas Eye Institute - Our LASIK Savings Calculator displays an estimated amount saved by not wearing contact lenses until age 65. Discover the savings LASIK can bring. Call us!
  • https://www.southtexaseyeinstitute.com/laser-eye-surgery/technology/ Advanced Laser Surgery Technology | Ora System & VISIX | South Texas Eye Institute - We offer vision correction with the advanced technologies such as bladeless IntraLase, ORA system, VISX® Waveprint™ System, VISX® Star S4 IR laser etc.
  • https://www.southtexaseyeinstitute.com/laser-eye-surgery/prk/ PRK Laser Treatment | South Texas Eye Institute - PRK is performed with an excimer laser that uses a cool ultraviolet light beam to precisely remove very tiny bits of tissue from the surface of the cornea.
  • https://www.southtexaseyeinstitute.com/laser-eye-surgery/icl/ Visian ICL Eye Surgery & Procedure | South Texas Eye Institute - We provide Visian ICL that offers vision correction that’s sharper, clearer, more vivid, and has greater depth and dimension than other procedures.
  • https://www.southtexaseyeinstitute.com/cataracts/ Cataract Surgery Treatment | Multifocal Lens Implants | South Texas Eye Institute - Once you have decided to undergo cataract surgery with your doctor, you have to choose the type of lens implant that will best fit your lifestyle.
  • https://www.southtexaseyeinstitute.com/cataracts/laser-cataract-surgery/ Laser Cataract Surgery | South Texas Eye Institute - Countless patients are benefiting from our laser cataract surgery, which removes the clouded lens and implants a clear, synthetic lens. Learn more today!
  • https://www.southtexaseyeinstitute.com/cataracts/refractive-lens-exchange/ Refractive Lens Exchange | Clear Replacement | South Texas Eye Institute - Achieve excellent vision through refractive lens exchange options like Multifocal Lens, Accommodative Lens & Toric Lens Implants.
  • https://www.southtexaseyeinstitute.com/am-i-a-candidate/cataracts/ Cataract Lens Surgery Eligibility | South Texas Eye Institute - As a potential candidate for cataract surgery, you may benefit from our latest and advanced procedure options. We want the best outcomes for your vision!

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