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  • InquisitiveGuy - Great tasting water for a fraction of the price.

    Mounts exactly like OEM Electrolux that came with the refrigerator and at a fraction of the price. Water tastes great. No complaints so far

  • Bonnie Church - Secretagogues

    Dr. Klatz did an excellent job outlining the history and benefits of HGH role in age reversal. About a month ago I tried a high quality source of secretegogues. Secretagogue is a supplement that increases the production of HGH naturally. My results have been amazing...Within 3 weeks I lost fat, eliminated menopausal fatigue, depression and hot flashes. I am 48 years old and feel 10 years younger. But LET THE BUYER BEWARE - there is alot of junk out there masquerading as HGH precursor. Look for a reliable source of secretegogue in powder form... with no fillers and no animal HGH... A high quality formula is not inexpensive - but in my opinion it's priceless.

  • Natasha - but my kids like it. We have not had head lice since ...

    We use this almost every day during school after a lice incident. We also use the shampoo and conditioner. The smell is a little weird, but my kids like it. We have not had head lice since then, so maybe this product has helped, but there really is no way to truly know if it did or if it was just incidental.