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Smith's Pharmacy - smith's pharmacy, toronto, on,The Holistic Approach taken at Smith‘s over the past 25 years has made us known as ‘Canada‘s Natural Pharmacy‘.

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  • Amazon Customer - The instructor is very knowledgeable and easy to follow

    The instructor is very knowledgeable and easy to follow. The topics are explained very clearly. The Excel 2013 training video is an excellent learning tool.

  • Courtney Panovec - My favorite!

    I have been buying this calendar for years. It's just something that I must have each year. I love the size and that its spiral bound. I find that comfortable to hold when you want to bend the book to write. I also love carrying this in my purse so the size is great for me.

  • Tawanda - Try a Half Dose

    Half a dose might work best for a lot of people- two makes me groggy and hard to wake up in the morning while one does the trick to get me to feel sleepy enough to fall asleep at a decent time (when I'd naturally want to stay up all hours of the night if I let myself).

  • Gigi - Very helpful

    I just took the GRE and got good scores- this book was a huge help. It breaks down how the test works and has good tips. I used it in conjunction with other books; I don't think it would have sufficed on its own. It clearly explained everything and gave me a better understanding how the GRE really works. My only complaint was that there was a section for new sentence completion questions- those questions are not yet on the test so I wish I had not spent the time studying for them. They DID show up on the experimental test at the end, so I assume they will be appearing on the actual test at some point.

  • Paula - Digestive Problems - Get this Book

    Explains in detail what is going on in the digestive/elimination system and why there are so many problems for us in that area. It is well documented, researched and written. The recipes and the information continues to guide my eating habits having a 'leaky gut'.