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  • D. Austin - Lots and Lots of Information

    I learned a lot and was able to take this information to compare to other sources. I was able to tie things together that others haven't yet seen. Some of the information seems to be irrelevant but it all comes together in the end.

  • Chakalati - Be realistic

    Vendor is goughing the public. Price is double that of all retail sites, both online and brick and mortar stores. That said, when purchasing any hair product, our expectations must be realistic. And, you must know about your hair type. If you've have hair that shrinks when it dries, short of going back to chemical products or a weave, there isn't a product available that will prevent shrinkage. Andre Walker defines this hair type as 4

  • bikermench - I love this!

    I am a teacher so I need an academic calendar. The pages are thick, so colors do not bleed to the next page. Nice inspirational quotes!

  • Laurel jones - LOVE IT

    I have been natural for about 6 months with 4b/c hair. THERES ALOT OF IT! But when I started school I noticed that my edges started thinning because of life's stresses... SADNESS!!! But after going to the doctor and using vitamin E I began to see growth. With more hair I needed a thicker balm that was still giving me the growing power. I have tried alot, and even thought about not using a balm because that's what most naturals say to do, but my hair LOVES a goooood balm. It makes my scalp tingle and my hair is better than ever!

  • Aimee D - My miracle

    I gained around 30 lbs after I went from being part of the workforce to being part of the permanently disabled. Needless to say, I am no longer able to do aerobic exercise to burn calories and fat, so I turned to diet and weight loss pills for help. I tried every pill I could, but nothing worked until I found Real Dose Weight Loss Formula No 1. After the first day, my night time food cravings simply disappeared. I didn't even notice for three days, because I wasn't thinking about food, like I use to. I didn't lose pounds that first month, but I felt tons better, had much more energy, my clothes started to fit better, and my eating habits were no longer self destructive. I had new hope. By the end of the second month I had lost one dress size. By the end of the third month I only had 10 more pounds to lose. The weight was just melting away and all of those extra 30 pounds would be gone by the end of my fourth month. I am now down 40 pounds, from when I started, losing 10 more pounds than I'd hoped for.

  • J. WHITE - Innovo has my perfect thermometer.

    This thermometer was offered to me at virtually no cost in return for an HONEST review. I accepted the offer because my digital thermometer is difficult to use. I am almost deaf and the beep on the old digital meter is impossible for me to hear. Being old makes it almost impossible to shake down my Mercury thermometer. Enter Innovo with the perfect thermometer, at least for me. It is very easy to use, accurate when compared to my Mercury and is pleasant to look at. Don't wanna be sick but now have a tool that I can use. I would have paid full price. I highly recommend it to each and everyone.