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  • RObB,Z-Hills, FL - GREAT to bypass filing keurig K cups!

    I use it with my keurig simply because I didn't enjoy waiting long periods of time waiting for heated water to make it through the espresso grind and into my cup. I add 3 levels of extra fine ground into the primula and press the large sized cup button 2 to fill up my mug. I wash it over the sink and it's ready to use it again. It spills over periodically since the sides of the primula are not really high enough but could be since the keurig has a higher reach.

  • That Guy - The user interface is clean and easy to figure out

    Crisp display. Colors are true and are deep. The user interface is clean and easy to figure out. The smart remote although it takes a little time getting use to the lack of a 0-9 keypad works quite well.

  • George R. - Installations instruction do not match unit and part is damaged

    The installation instructions indicate that the units are separately marked front and back for use on a Jeep Cherokee and must be installed this way. Neither of the units has any marking on it indicating which is the forward unit and which is the rear? Nor are they marked to indicated that the bar itself should be mounted with one side forward. When loosening the bolts for installation one of the bolts is either broken inside or cross threaded and will not tighten to secure on the track. .