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  • AUNT BEE - TEMPTED: A BAD BOY NEXT DOOR ROMANCE...by Lauren Landish and Willow Winters


  • John A Oakey - A solid, useable product with a few flaws

    After years (an millions of dollars) of development and refinement, Publisher is a solid useable product - about what you would expect from Microsoft, whose engineers must be instructed to design for the lowest common denominator. That said, it is not perfect and lacks many of the refinements of Adobe's InDesign. Tables seem more difficult than necessary and you would think at this point you could both resize AND resample graphics to spec for print publication. Some tools are missing if you are putting together book length manuscripts but most issues have a work around if you learn to use master pages. Wouldn't it be nice if Publisher was fully integrated with Word allowing the best of both worlds when designing a mixed media manuscript? It doesn't seem like it would be all that difficult to solve a gutter-vs-unequal-outside-margin problem when making changes to a manuscript - but that probably effects only a small percent of users.

  • Alice - Warning! Counterfeit!

    I'm really sad and disappointed. It is a cheap counterfeit, made in China. The rag has a rubber logo. When I look at this "ray ban" and compare the quality with my original sunglasses, I'm crying. Stop, please don't buy it, don't waste your money. It has to cost not more than $10. Oh, I have forgotten! The case was broken.

  • jimczer - Penetrex is Amazing!

    I don't write many reviews but I felt compelled to write this one. I've seen lots of products out there that claim to do things but one you try it, it does nothging but not in this case. I have been suffering from severe Tendonitis in my elbow whiich has been causing me major discomfort and impact my life. I've been to a doctor and he gave me suggestions on what I can do and told me it could take a year to go away and thats if I'm careful with it. I could get a cortizone shot but I have never had luck with that and my surgeon told me it weakens and damages the tissue and he doesn't recommend I do it. I have tried topical and medication like Ibuprofin and tylenal but nothing has relieved the pain and burning from my Tendonitis in my elbow. I have trouble even sleeping from the pain.

  • lowell - I walk 25-30 miles a week. I have tried ...

    I walk 25-30 miles a week. I have tried a few running/walking shoes over the years but these stand out over all. This is my second pair and as long as Nike makes them I will buy.

  • Judie C. McMath - Greatest Product for Candida

    I've taken this product for some time and I can tell you it definitely works. Even with the first dose, I could feel the difference. It immediately improved the PH of my intestinal tract, I stopped having trouble with diahrrea and loose stools. I've been taking it for several months, and I can tell you it has helped me. As for the reviewer above who stated they had been taking it for three weeks and still had Candida, OF COURSE YOU DO. It takes several months to fully get a good case of candida under control. The literature that comes with the product explains this. The product is pleasant tasting and easy to take. It also suggests that you take a fiber supplement to help cleanse the colon of the dead and dying candida organisms. This is very helpful and I recommend it.