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Optical Care, Cataract and LASIK Surgery, Routine Eye Care in West Michigan - Shoreline Vision is a comprehensive medical practice in West Michigan that provides eye care services and comprehensive eye exams to retina care, laser vision correction and cataract surgery.

Country:, North America, US

City: -87.6272 Illinois, United States

  • A. Lambert - Worked the way I used it.

    Works the way I used it. I purchased this about 2 years ago and only just opened it. I used it after putting on leave-in conditioner and then followed up with kinky curly's polishing oil. This worked better than ecostyler for me and definitely has an elongating effect. I like that the ingredients are more natural and i don't get a flaking problem which is a big plus since some gels usually give me that issue.

  • C.S.D, - Worked Great

    My computer with my Company's Peachtree 2006 crashed. Seeing I did not own the Peachtree on that computer and I am selling my company I decided to buy it for my replacement computer. The 2010 version was a fraction of the price of 2011. It installed smoothly and I was able to upload my backed up Peachtree files. It handled Windows 7 fine with the "patch". All my customized templates also loaded. Very happy with this purchase.

  • Travis R. - just flavor

    I don't think it works, I didn't see any difference but didn't drink it every day either. it's A good flavor.

  • Susan B Badon - Love this!

    I've "Tried" to use several home designer programs in the past and they have been too entirely too complicated! This one easy to use and the help videos are wonderful!

  • Kendra - The best planner ever purchased

    The best planner ever purchased. I actually stay on top of deadlines now that my calendar is a coloring book. :)

  • jedi-gramma - Horrible Update!

    I updated from the 2011 version so I could retain the ability to download transactions. But almost every time I try to download, I have to go through an account reset. Their solution is "try again in a few days." Days! It's ridiculous, and it's not my bank. Many other people have complained to Intuit about this and they all have different banks. And if you use a remembered Payee, it fills in the memo and amount fields, and the reconciled status, which is not accurate. Very aggravating. Don't upgrade unless you have to.