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St. George's Shoulder Unit | Welcome to St. George's Shoulder Unit - The St George's Shoulder Unit is dedicated to the diagnosis, treatment of conditions affecting the shoulder and elbow.

  • http://www.sgsu.co.uk/2/contacts St. George's Shoulder Unit | Contacts - Essential contacts for Mr Tennent, Mr Pearse and the St. George's Shoulder Unit

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    City: 12.1667 Saxony-Anhalt, Germany

  • Amazon Customer - Doesn't work

    Didn't make my lips plumper, it's a good lip gloss really sticky though. I did review quite a few before purchasing. I aslo bought another lip plumper lip gloss but hasn't arrived yet.

  • Burn0u7 - awesome tech toy

    I bought 2 of these (one for me, one for my boss lol dont judge me :) so far, the ONLY complaint i have is the smartphone app and direct wifi. Here is why i have an issue... you MUST connect your phone to cozmo's direct wifi. when you are connected to him you have no wifi data for the internet. you MUST have the app up and focused. otherwise, he goes brainless and goes to sleep. Now, if the devs change that where the app can run in background, and have the ability to connect to your general wifi around the house or work that would be the best idea. My situation i have to decide play with cozmo, or let my phone connect to the web and the cell network (i have no cell signal inside the office but it uses wifi calling) so if i'm connected to cozmo i have no ability to receive calls, texts, etc. so that's my only complaint. otherwise, its a fun toy. its personality is unique and it is everything the marketing videos promise. Its kinda neat when cozmo looks at you and he says your name.

  • Sissy Cervantes - Disappointing

    I received the Tummy system. I have yet to find out if it will indeed work because it constantly rolls in either directions. In a short time it has become annoying, therefore, I am returning it. I ordered based on my pants size as well as blouse size and it again constantly rolls. I will return for a refund.