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Setzer Pharmacy – Pharmacy – St. Paul, Minnesota - Home - Setzer Pharmacy – Pharmacy is a Pharmacy situated in St. Paul, Minnesota. They offer services in prescription management such as Transferring RX, Auto Refill, and New RX. They also sell a variety of durable medical equipments and does Medication Reviews, Medical Billing, Fax Services, a Gift Department and many more.

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  • K. H. - Taste is bearable; disappointing at hunger control

    I must be the only person to use this NOT for weight control? I don't need to lose any weight--I stumbled on it when Vitacost was having a sale on a bunch of products and figured it would do for something I'd been looking for: a brain-dead easy meal replacement for lunch.

  • Isabelle - regarding al bad symptoms posted by others

    This was very hard to purchase due to the mixed reviews. It does not taste like Parfume, but tastes and smells like the peals of grapefruit or other fruit peals. It didn't bother me in my opinion because I juice and a lot of people cant handle the taste of juices vegies and fruits. To me it is refreshing both by taste and smell. It did not make me have nausea or vomiting or bowl movements. It did make me urinate a lot which is good, it also made me get my period which is weird because I have a mirena iud and do not get my period. I guess that is good because this is supposed to cleanse us and aide in weightloss so I'm assuming its good. So far so good no other side effects. I will keep ya posted.

  • Robert Salita - Real World Results - 802.11ac

    Update 22-Nov-2013: ASUS has published firmware 371 which fixes the NAT loopback issue which only occured when hardware acceleration was enabled (default). Congrats to ASUS for confirming, owning and resolving the issue. The firmware is now available on ASUS website.

  • rs12345 - very good

    I used this to cover the little holes left between the tiles and the chaulk strip I used for the tub. Sealed them perfectly and it matched the strip. It has a true white color and worth the money for small jobs. Resealed the tube and checked it 2 weeks later and it was still soft and ready to be used, it didn't dry out at all

  • karna karan rathnam - Blue devil

    Great product. Did what it said. Love this product. Recommend this product if you have any engine Leak.

  • Mike D. Percell - Excited

    The harness was well manufactered. The indiglo switch matches beautiful on my new 900s. Installation was easy, but for the novice not having much experience would struggle due to vague installation information in the installation guide. Glad I made he purchase. Well worth $$

  • Jodi Stopyak - Amazing!

    This is amazing! I've struggled with folliculitis for years. The antibiotics, washes and creams did nothing on my chest cod back. After using this for one week, the redness and bumps are almost gone! It smells like tea tree oil to me and goes on really smooth. It's a bit greasy, but that is something I'm willing to deal with.