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  • K. Grainger - Still happy with my 2009 after almost 2 years, great customer svc

    So, I don't have the 2010, but thought I'd review the '09 to provide a multi yr persepective. This stroller is an investment, but we feel like we are getting our money's worth. We dragged a 9 month old around Disney in this thing, toted it to the beach, and walked all over our neighborhood.

  • Dennis Williams - Another "bait and switch" by Intuit

    I tried to install this payroll package on my current QB for several days without luck. When I called Intuit I was informed that I would need to give them a credit card number to install it. I asked "Why? I had already purchased the payroll item." They want to charge an additional $2 per employee PER MONTH for using this product. Is it any wonder that most QB users HATE Intuit and would use another bookkeeping program the instant it becomes available?

  • Jane - Easy to use, cheap and (mostly) not dangerous

    Easy to use (I was a first-time eyebrow trimmer) but quite sharp - I did manage to cut my skin a bit but it wasn't bad, just like a papercut. They looked great afterwards, though. Make sure you get both the razor and your eyebrow wet beforehand. Maybe everyone else knows this, but I didn't.

  • Phoenix - If your internet connection isn't perfect - you're gonna have a bad time.

    I want to love this game. The graphics are incredible. The game play is immersive. The storyline is engaging.

  • Ranvel - Major scam

    This product is amazing. I purchased it in October from Amazon and registered the warranty right away ("Your 15-Months Limited Warranty has been activated.") recommended it to everyone for months. It does what no blender or food processor can do - liquify and transform any mix of veggies, nuts and water or milk into a delicious elixir. So why a one star review?