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Rogers Pharmacy provides premium home healthcare equipment in Saint Joseph, MO Rogers Pharmacy - Rogers Pharmacy provides the latest and best in home healthcare equipment in Saint Joseph, MO. We offer diabetic shoes, compression stockings, lift chairs, oxygen, scooters, wheel chairs, prescription and over-the-counter medication, even rentals!

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  • Msoand - Great Products

    I have used HR Block products for over 10 years and it has been a great product. It has a easy to use interview. It does not complicate the questions but thorough in coverage of tax information.

  • Amazon Customer - I Loved It !

    Its a wonderful product exspecialy for those with thinning hair I noticed an immediate diffrence in fullness with the first use. I with continue useing this product. Hope to get more in the future

  • mezzavoce - Great mop!

    I hate mopping, so I was prepared to hate this mop. I was happily surprised to be wrong. Best mop I've ever owned. The mechanism for wringing out excess water is simple and efficient and my hands stay clean and dry during the process - it alone is worth the price of the mop. The microfiber strips work very well for picking up dirt and do not become tangled or bunched. I keep the mop with the wringer over the strips when not in use; it seems to help keep them untangled. Still not fond of mopping, but having a good mop makes the chore bearable.

  • Kilo G - Not too shabby if I may say so myself

    Gained about 5lbs on this stuff and also got a tad bit stronger. Some of the pills are pretty fat though. Product will make you hungry. Make sure you eat a lot!

  • Sue Staples - Mac QuickBooks Rating

    I find Mac QuickBooks very finicky. Sometimes I click on check register and it brings up Sales Tax. It is sometimes very difficult to get into check registers I have to close down often. It has been getting worse and more frustrating. That is my biggest complaint. There are others but I do not have time to get into it right now.

  • Jeremy Tesson - Not happy that I am having to look for resistors to ...

    Not happy that I am having to look for resistors to install on top of the price tag of this light. The running/brake lights are reversed. The side lights don't work with the rest of the light either like I would think. I'm hoping after I find a resistor that will work, that'll correct everything. What a pain!

  • Chamberpaint - My Own Private Spa Here At Home

    I like a scented room. Not a perfumed one, where you can't stop sneezing, but one that makes you feel mysteriously happy. Aromatherapy can actually do that for you! This diffuser dispenses happiness, I'm not kidding. The colors change, gently glowing from one to another. But if you favor one, simply touch the button and it will linger there for the duration, until you turn it off. When it runs out, the diffuser will turn itself safely off, so you can run it at night without worrying. I just love this silent little gem. If you buy a really good essential oil, the scent it dispenses is pure joy. I'm using lavender with a tiny drop of peppermint at the moment, for my unruly sinus. (It creates a subtle undertone without smelling medicinal.) The lavendar rules softly, urging you to cheer up and face the day. This diffuser is the BEST vehicle for bringing this to your house I've ever found!