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Renova - Gestão e Desenvolvimento Humano - A Renova oferece cursos e atua na gestão de recursos humanos. Alguns serviços são: Agência de Empregos; Cursos profissionalizantes; Coaching; Pesquisas de Opinião; Treinamento e Palestras.

Country:, South America, BR

City: -46.6289 Sao Paulo, Brazil

  • Gray2Soon - Wouldn't install AT ALL!

    I has absolutely no luck in getting this software to install. Tried on 2 different computers....all to no avail. It looked like it was going to install but just got stuck and the dvd drive just kept going around and around and around without doing anything..........Wow, I had high hopes for this software as I've used it before and it was GREAT but my bragging has ended for this version.

  • Amazon Customer - Why?

    I tell my children not to rub mystery substances on their genitals. I would hope that most intelligent human beings would follow suit.

  • Mrs E - Poor Quality Control issue but seller contacted me and fixed it - THANK YOU!!

    For this price point I expected a cup in excellent condition but arrived with scratches and a dent. I like the design of the cup but am totally annoyed about the condition that it arrived in.

  • Mz. Ri - Craving more

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