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  • https://www.recoveryfromaddictiononline.com/layouts/online-therapy-for-drugs-alcohol/ About Us - Counselling & Therapy Online - To provide online help through therapy, counselling and resources for anyone who is facing issues with drugs and or alcohol. Helping Co-Dependents as well.
  • https://www.recoveryfromaddictiononline.com/layouts/cbt-relapse-prevention-schema-therapy/ Our Treatment Approach - Counselling & Therapy Online - CBT, Schema Therapy, Emotional Literacy, Relapse Prevention, Understanding & Addressing Co-Dependency and Coaching For Alcohol/Drug Abusers and Non-Abusers.
  • https://www.recoveryfromaddictiononline.com/layouts/cs/ FAQs - Counselling & Therapy Online - ONLINE COUNSELLING QUESTIONS- Is online counselling as effective as traditional face to face? Do I need to stop alcohol or drugs? Do I have a drug or alcohol problem?
  • https://www.recoveryfromaddictiononline.com/layouts/sc/ Counselling Packages - Counselling & Therapy Online - We provide a range of counselling packages depending on your individual needs, which can be designed to address specific problems. Free 30 mins consult.
  • https://www.recoveryfromaddictiononline.com/layouts/service-cost/ Cost of Online Counselling and Therapy - We provide very affordable Counselling and Therapy Packages. We can also Tailor a program that will suit your needs.• Book a 30 mins. • Free Consultation •
  • https://www.recoveryfromaddictiononline.com/links-and-free-resources/ FREE Resources - Counselling & Therapy Online - Free resources section- We will be adding new content regularly so pop back and check to see if anything new has been posted. We hope you find what you need
  • https://www.recoveryfromaddictiononline.com/am-i-co-dependent/ Am I Co-dependent? - Counselling & Therapy Online - Co-dependency is the unhealthy preoccupation with the feelings, thoughts, needs and behaviours of other people. Are you co-dependent? Read more to find out
  • https://www.recoveryfromaddictiononline.com/introduction-to-schema-therapy/ Schema Therapy - Counselling Online - Schema therapy identifies unhelpful patterns we learn in childhood and repeat throughout our lives, causing unnecessary emotional pain and lifelong problems
  • https://www.recoveryfromaddictiononline.com/list-of-schemas/ List of schemas - Schemas, which develop in childhood and persist throughout adulthood, result in issues such as anxiety, depression, anger addictions, and eating disorders.
  • https://www.recoveryfromaddictiononline.com/emotions-and-feelings-101/ Emotions and Feelings 101 - Counselling & Therapy Online - Addiction, depression, anxiety, eating disorders and other psychological issues are often caused by our own dysfunctional relationship with our emotions.
  • https://www.recoveryfromaddictiononline.com/feelings-vocabulary/ Feelings Vocabulary - Counselling & Therapy Online - Increasing emotional vocabulary is essential for learning to identify emotions and feelings - essential for developing good emotional regulation strategies
  • https://www.recoveryfromaddictiononline.com/how-to-process-emotions-and-feelings/ How to Process Emotions and Feelings - Therapy Online - Understanding, and addressing emotions and feelings in healthy ways is key to increasing emotional intelligence and maintaining good psychological health
  • https://www.recoveryfromaddictiononline.com/understanding-anger/ Understanding Anger - Counselling & Therapy Online - Anger is a complex emotion which can arise from a number of underlying issues. Understanding the source of the anger is key to effective anger management
  • https://www.recoveryfromaddictiononline.com/boundaries/ Boundaries - Counselling & Therapy Online - Setting and maintaining healthy boundaries is essential to good psychological health and recovery from addiction, co-dependency, anxiety and depression
  • https://www.recoveryfromaddictiononline.com/what-are-my-core-values/ What are My Core Values? - Counselling & Therapy Online - Identifying your core values can give you direction, purpose and help you make decisions that will help you live a life of meaning
  • https://www.recoveryfromaddictiononline.com/contact/ Contact Us - Recovery From Addiction Online - For Inquiries and or a complimentary 30 mins consult, fill up the form on our website contact page. US and UK Toll Free numbers also available.-WE CAN HELP-
  • https://www.recoveryfromaddictiononline.com/ruben-bernardo-iii-icac1-crc-ncprss/ Ruben Bernardo III ICAC1, CRC, NCPRSS - Counselor - Ruben is a licensed Internationally Certified Substance Abuse Counselor, Recovery Coach, Peer Support Specialist and Relapse Prevention Counselor.
  • https://www.recoveryfromaddictiononline.com/christine-askew-ba-ma-msc/ Christine Askew BA, MA, MSc - Schema Therapy Online - Christine Askew BA, MA, MSc. Specialises in Schema Therapy, CBT, Anxiety, Anger, Depression, Co-Dependency, Relationship Conflict and Emotional Regulation
  • https://www.recoveryfromaddictiononline.com/jennetta-carter-bsc-lcdc-copsd-qcc/ Jennetta Carter BSc, LCDC, COPSD, QCC - Counselling & Therapy Online - A Chemical Dependency Counsellor specialising in Co-occurring Emotional Disorders, Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder and its relationship to substance misuse.
  • https://www.recoveryfromaddictiononline.com/nerine-strachan-bappsocsc-counselling-ryt200/ Nerine Strachan BAppSocSc Counselling - Counselling & Therapy Online - Nerine is from Sydney, Australia and has 5 years of experience in the counselling and humanitarian fields. She is also a practicing certified yoga teacher.
  • https://www.recoveryfromaddictiononline.com/jane-zoega-bsc-msc-pg-dip-therapist/ Jane Zoega, BSc, MSc, PG Dip Therapist - Jane has an MSc in psychotherapy and counseling from Middlesex University in England and a BSc (hons.) in psychology. And a very experienced therapist.
  • https://www.recoveryfromaddictiononline.com/addiction-as-an-attachment-disorder/ Addiction as an Attachment Disorder - Counselling & Therapy Online - our attachment style shapes our brain in ways that leaves us vulnerable to addiction and difficulties with relationsips throughout our life

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  • Amazon Customer - Not all that it claims

    I bought ZetaClear after I went to the Dr. and was informed that my toenail fungus (a slight discoloration on each big toenail) was not a big enough deal to take the pharmaceutical approach with, since there is some liver toxicity associated with the oral meds. I used this product exactly as directed and have had no luck. In fact the discoloration has gotten worse. This is also somewhat pricey compared to Lamisil and other products. Skip it!

  • Roxanne - Best

    Great product. Has lots of bells and whistles...along with a keypad you use with your mouse for secure banking....key logger bugs don't have a chance to infect your pc.

  • Darrel Petersen - Living cookbook 2013

    It is just Great!!!! Liked the versatility,Liked the printing choices,Plan to use for family and church cookbooks. good bang for the buck.

  • Helen - Austrailian Dream doesn't work

    I bought the 2 oz size for $18 at Walmart. Tried on my arthritis hands and knees. I didn't get any relief at all.

  • Taylor - Nice basic folder if you only want to collect one ...

    Nice basic folder if you only want to collect one coin from each design. No complaints at all. Has an extra blank row that I use for 2009 quarters since my state quarter folder ended at 2008.