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R&J Strategic Communications, Bridgewater, New Jersey - An integrated strategic commutations agency focused on helping businesses build brands, become thought leaders, and gain market share.

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  • wdlnd - Nice Size, Low Friction

    I was looking to replace my generic freebie round mouse pad I've been using for awhile now. I have a round freebie one that I use at work as well but the one at work is the perfect size for my 19" monitors. At home I have a 24-25" widescreen. The pad I have at home is a little too small and tends to move around a bit. I purchased this one due to it's size and material thickness. I wanted one thicker than the round one that moves around on me. This one is heavy enough to stay in place and almost the perfect size. It's possible that it would work just as well if it was a little smaller. I use a computer all day at work and then again at home so I'm using a mouse a lot. I've found that I can't go without a fabric-top mouse pad.

  • Kindle Customer - Didn't notice a difference

    I used this twice so far and never noticed a change. My grass was already green to begin with but not a dark green as it was when I first had my grass put in a year and a half ago.

  • My Handle - Great for fungal skin infection for my dog!

    This shampoo works, but it requires that the dog gets no less than two baths per week and allow the shampoo to remain on the dog for at least ten minutes. My dog's who had a serious underbelly and upper torso fungal infection, was healed using this mediated shampoo. I still use it, but only once a week or so for "maintenance".