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Royal Adelaide Hospital Research Fund - RAHRF - Funding research to find cures and save lives, and contributing to the excellence of care offered by the Royal Adelaide Hospital.

  • https://www.rahresearchfund.com.au/about/who-are-we/ Who are we? RAH Research Fund - Established in 1981, the Royal Adelaide Hospital (RAH) Research Fund believes everyone deserves access to the best possible treatment and patient care.
  • https://www.rahresearchfund.com.au/about/where-your-donations-go/ Where your donations go - RAHRF - When donations are made to the RAH Research Fund, we issue a tax deductable receipt to the donor (if the donation is $2 or above).

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  • Rexanne Bonneau - Jillian is AWESOME!!!!!

    I just received Jullian Michaels Fitness 2010 along with my new Wii for my "60"th Birthday. I have already been losing weight and going to the gym for the past 6 months, and have lost 30lbs. I wanted Jillian to suppliment my exercise routine and if I'm not able to go to the gym at 4am I can stay home and still exercise. I have used Jillian for the past 2 days and have only done 1/2 of 2 routines. I know it is working as this workout is better than working in the gym for 2 hours. I really love it, and if anyone wants a good sweaty workout this is it. And you don't have to go outside to go running on the beach.


    My husband bought me some Caudalie products for Christmas from Amazon. Among the products he bought for me was the serum. The packaging appeared to have been tampered with and the product smelled bad. I called Amazon and they suggested I call directly to Caudalie. I called Caudalie and was switched back and forth until I got a person named Candace V. on the phone. I explained to her that my husband had bought me Caudalie products for Christmas and the problems I had with the product. She responded to me as if I were a liar and was very rude. She said I could not return the product and gave me a lecture on how great the products worked for everyone else. I was taken aback by this. I was amazed that this type of person would be on the staff at Caudalie. When I asked to speak with her Supervisor she would not connect me and hung up. I suggest Caudalie not hire people of this low calaber to work for them. There are many products out there and I for one will not purchase products from a Company whose policy it is to be rude and abrasive to their customers. STAY AWAY