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  • Arron Mabrey - Best option I've found for our little ones when they ...

    All natural. Nothing else added. Best option I've found for our little ones when they have a little digestive or tummy upsets.

  • Cindy Kline - Bright-eyed about it

    This came right away, so no problems with the seller. I take lots of vitamins, but fear glaucoma since it's in the family, along with diabetes. The Vision Health supplement is a great way to prevent problems as well as to keep the ones that are present from getting worse. I got it free as a reviewer, and intend to use all of it. It seems as though it's beneficial, so I'll likely be buying it when the free supply is gone.

  • HFla - Recommend!

    Worked relatively well but did have to leave it on for a longer time during each application to see results. I did have sensitivity that whiteners cause but it has greatly decreased over time. I used the remineralizer that was recommended by other buyers and it definitely helped. Overall I do recommend this product as it is much more economical than the dentist with convenient access via amazon.

  • Carolyn - Excellent customer service

    The first bars we received were defective, and I was worried because we needed them within days for our trip. The customer service department is top-notch. They exchanged my bars within one day, and they worked perfectly on our 700+ mile road trip. They are easy to install and very sturdy. I would not hesitate to save money and purchase these cross bars.

  • Chrisha - Quality Vision Health Vitamins

    I really enjoy taking these Vision Health supplements. They are easy to consume, they don't cause any negative side effects. I feel like my vision has been more focused since taking them and they contain amino acids, minerals and lots of vitamins to ensure many positive vision benefits and qualities. The recommended dosage for these supplements are two tablets daily. I believe that they are very efficient and they contain Vitamin A which gives your eyes much needed support. I would like to thank Vita Strength and Amazon for allowing to try this supplement complementary and I am very satisfied with their results.

  • Olivia - Comprehensive tool for will making and very solid product.

    I used to be an estate planning director for a major investment firm. Although I am not an attorney, I do know what I am doing when it comes to creating a will and other estate planning documents.