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Regional Perinatal System - San Diego and Imperial County collaborative of perinatal healthcare initiatives - The Regional Perinatal System (RPS) is a collaborative project of Children's Hospital, Sharp HealthCare and UCSD Medical Center. RPS serves as a nonpartisan liaison, consultant and resource for all perinatal providers in San Diego and Imperial Counties.

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  • S. L. Davis - This game cheats

    Seems pretty good at first, but it doesn't take long before you realize that the computer cheats. ie, The computer players always get the cards they need even in impossible odds, and you don't. It's just as bad as Hoyle card games...if not worse.

  • jbitner - Don't try to get warranty work

    The vacuum worked as advertised. It has a small power head so takes more passes to clean than most, but that is fine. After using it for approximately six months, we noticed that the wheels felt like they were dirty. They bounced as you went across the hard surface floors. When examining the wheels to clean them of debris, we found out that the front wheels were completely worn out. They were made of a very cheap plastic and the centers of the wheels were reamed out and were about to break into two pieces. No problem, we will call warranty service for replacements. That is when they told us that they were not available, but the complete power head would have to be replaced. We told them to send it to us and we would replace it. They stated that it was not under warranty. After haggling back and forth with them about what was covered, it was basically just the main motor and that is all. They wanted $99 for the power head plus shipping which put it into the range of a complete new machine.

  • Kindle Customer - Love it

    Have been using for 2 months now. Have noticed a difference in stamina and workout performance. The increase in energy has been the best effect. Shakes taste great. I also add fresh and frozen fruit when I make the shakes. Amazon has best price as well which helps.

  • ariel - Fantastic Product- Worth Every Penny!

    To start: I mention a few products by brand name in this review. I have not received any kind of compensation in the past & will not receive any at any point in the future. These products are listed solely for comparison and as recommendations for successful use of the product under review. My references to the costs & shipment of my personal order refers to a purchase made directly from the official Giani website & are only included because I feel that customer service contributes to the overall value of a product, and thus its overall rating.

  • Brad McHenry - Good Stuff

    This soap works great after I learned how to use it. I was using it every shower every day and it wasn't working. I lost interest and just used it once in a while and it started working great. Using it every 3rd day seems to work best. I'm still buying it.