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  • M. Hanel - The upgrade that downgrades

    For the most part I am content with the upgrades. It should be noted that I wouldn't have upgraded because of the new features, but did so because Quicken requires you to upgrade every 3 years to keep the ability to use the full functionality of the program. You lose a star for that great feature. The program should compel us to upgrade for its features, not force us to upgrade because the software is handicapped. There are new additions to the program, which don't really win me over. The budgeting tool is better than previous versions, but still doesn't actually work the way I want it to.

  • Jami Sheridan - Perfect scrub for sensitive skin

    Perfect scrub for sensitive skin. You don't have to keep this for your face, use it mostly all over. You will feel slicker and cleaner. It's positively invigorating. And for this price, I always keep it in hand.

  • CaptainVMD - Zinc Oxide sunscreen for marathon swimmers

    Yup, works great. No sunburn and swims for me were 5 to 8.5 hours in the sun (longer than regular sunscreen will last). And there is plenty in the tub for swims in the season ahead. Plus the expedited shipping got it to me on time and that didn't cost nearly as much as I'd feared.

  • Tom Walsh - A Very Luxurious Transitional Step

    Given that a 1Gbps fiber cable into my basement costs $60 a month, the FPS-like chaos of the nonsensical pricing and repricing of cloud storage, and the steady free fall of local storage cost, it's simply indulgent to put this amount of money into any storage device. In this case it's the primary source of a media library along side a PCIe M.2 system disc (which makes this SATA interface look lazy) in an Intel NUC. Every once in a while transcoding video makes me wish for a stack of Xeon cores, but otherwise the system is a tiny little dream come true.

  • ConstantReaderNYC - Not the Same Quality as Other Seasons

    Season 5 is Not The Same Quality as previous seasons. Did the producer(s) change? I have been watching this show since S:1 - wow was it great! I recently re-watched some S:1 - S:3 episodes - all great. If you're a fan of this show, it's worth $1.99 (SD) just to stay current. So far, I haven't liked the storytelling or production on any of these. Of all of them (through Nebraska Fiend) the best were Nebraska Fiend and Zozo. PS - I wish School Spirits had a second season! If you haven't seen that show - it's so worth it to watch them on Amazon, esp. episode 2.

  • Amazon Customer - 3.0 far exceed my previous Silbouette.

    I owned a previous version of the Silhouette and it was a nightmare. Non-stop bugs, terrible customer service. That machine was destroyed in a lightening storm. Despite the experience with the first machine, the potential of a properly functioning devicw made me go ahead and order the 3.0.

  • J. Ryan - Sure beats 2005

    We've needed to step up to a more recent version for quite some time, and this has all the latest bells and whistles included, such as the latest .Net components and Win8 specific controls. It's admittedly not as colorful as 2010, but I'm still looking forward to developing with it for the next few years.